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This has no doubt been put forward a lot, but just interested in what other people think. Obviously there's a slight age problem, but I wouldn't really think so anyway.

Annie is born on the island, her family does something wrong, and is made to leave, and then perhaps Mr Widmore gets in touch with her, uses her to get Desmond on the island, keep an eye on Hurley, who he knows is special, with the promise of being taken back to the island if she does all these things.

Pretty much hoping this is true because I think a great flashback in the final season would be of Ben walking out of his prison in season 2, in the swan, and him seeing Libby and either recognising her and breaking down, or perhaps not knowing it was her.

Hmm, I'm not sure, but if they wanted to tie together two storylines, I figure they could do it quite easily, and in quite an effective manner.

Really I am posting this to see what everyone else thinks. Are there large problems with this that I have overlooked?

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