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Eloise Hawking is a fascinating character. As far as agendas come, hers is really hard to figure out, but there's one thing I'm completely sure of. We shouldn't trust her. Personally, I was convinced she's up to no good ever since "This Place is Death." Why? One reason- Christian Shepard. When Christian meets Locke at the well, he tells him that "Eloise Hawking will tell you exactly how to come back." That really raised my suspicious at the time. Even though that was long before we heard about MIB, or had any reason to think Smokey was acting against Jacob, I couldn't shake off the feeling Christian is up to no good ever since "Cabin Fever." He's extremely malevolent, and seemingly sympathetic at the same time. Almost like a Satanic figure. So the fact that Chrisitan was so convinced Eloise would help Locke certainly seemed suspicious to me. Given how most have speculated Christian is most l! ikely MIB, it should certainly raise our suspicious now.

But but then, there's the whole deal with Locke's body being a proxy for Christian. I really don't buy Eloise' explanation for it. To make myself clearer, I think she was telling the truth when she said Locke needs to be a proxy for Chrisitan. But it wasn't done in order to re-create Flight 815, I firmly believe Locke was meant to replace Chrisitan as a vessel for MIB- Which I'm sure Eloise was aware of. She simply lied in order to get his body on the plane.

Eloise is certainly aware of the conflict between Jacob and The Man in Black, according to "The Variable." After all, she tells Penny that "Your husband has become a casualty in a conflict that's bigger than him. That's bigger than any of us." I also find it interesting that the timing when she stopped knowing "What's going to happen next" is quite close to Jacob's death.

But why would Eloise help MIB?

Well, as I've said before, MIB takes advantage of people's weaknesses in order to recruit them. Eloise is motivated by guilt. She has been haunted by her son's death ever since 1977. Unlike Widmore, I don't think she has any interest in returning to the island. She simply wants her son back, which I'm sure MIB has offered to do. I'm not sure whether he promised to bring him back to life, or change things so he'll never die, but in exchange for her cooperation, Eloise was promised that she'll have Daniel back, and that's a great motivator.

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