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Richard's Cabin by Autumnatic

So this is obviously not a theory about the Great Nature of the Island; I'm not ambitious enough for that. This is just my short little theory about the cabin, and my apologies if something to this effect has been posted already.

Basically, I think that the infamous cabin was Richard's, not Jacob's or MiB's, and that Ilana was trying to get to him in time to keep him from doing MiB's bidding.

My first reason for thinking this is that, in "The Incident," Ilana takes Locke's body there right away. Now, Jacob has already talked to her and asked her for help, so one can assume that she knows where Jacob lives and would go to the statue if she were looking for Jacob.

Second, she tells Frank that they are taking Locke's body to someone "so they can know what they are up against." But Jacob already knew who he was up against as soon as unLocke and Ben walked through the door ("I see you've found your loophole"), so warning Jacob would have been pointless. In fact, MiB was probably the reason he asked for her help in the first place.

Third, when she finally arrives at the statue, she ASKS for Richard by name. So he was probably the person she was looking for all along, because Jacob asked her to find Richard and expose MiB's plans.

I've seen some theories that posit that the cabin was a meeting place. Perhaps it was where Richard met with the leader/Ben, and the circle of ash was meant to keep MiB out. (If you've seen the movie "The Skeleton Key", you've seen how, in voodoo, a circle of ash is meant to keep enemies from entering a territory.) If so, that would explain how Ben knew about the cabin to bring John there in TMBTC: he had been meeting Richard there for years, and perhaps thought Jacob was nearby.

That, or it was Richard's house where he lived (I don't trust that dream Locke had about Horace building it). I've been wondering where he lives - where he sleeps, that is - since he always seemed like an outsider among the Others, like he walked among them but was not one of them.

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