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A Way To See The Game by Kastrato

-A Way to see the game-
Jacob is the one who only cares to help people stay alive in the outland and bring them in a spesific point in time to the island.
And MIB maybe the one who cares and want to help those people to stay alive on the island.

For Jacob a death on the island is part of the progress,including his death.

In Jacob-MIB conversation Mib seems upset .At a point Jacob mentions "just progress" the whole fighting-destroy-curapt repeating story.This story
for sure includes murders and deaths,and this is what MIB does not want.
Did Alpert's team has always pointed jacob as their Major Leader - Protecter or it happened right after Jonh Locke enters Alperts camp in 1954 and said

"Jacob sent me".

Is it possible the whole "JAcob" thing to be a Trick? Alpert's trick?

I believe Alpert grouped the Others and cares about them.Jacob does not care if an other is dead or alive on the island,he calls it part of the progress.

more thoughts:
-Is it possible MIB helped Alpert to groud the Others and for this he ended up inprisoned in the Cabin?
-Elana's scene in the hospital with Jacob is a future scene.Elana and her team searched in the cabin for someone else maybe MIB.
Its not JAcob the one who leaves the statue picture on Jacobs Knife but someone else. Elana has not yet meet JAcob.
The CAbin has been used from someone else , Christian.
Elana found the Cabin because she wanted to free MIB but someone else did it first.

She carries Lockes dead body and wants to see it to Alpert because it proves that the prophecy "The One who will save them all" is true and
he has already saved Jonh Locke.

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