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70's Dharma recruit photo's by jesse

70's Dharma recruit photo's and S2E1 shows the collapsed crane in the hatch

I yesterday submitted the "Alt timeline has no future because Desmond doesn't turn the key" theory, but something else is bothering me about all of this. When 316 returns our O5 back to the island, we see the 70's dharma photos with Jack, Kate, and Hurley. So, unless someone can add to this, it tells me there's two possible scenarios.

1) 316 crashed on an alt island that was the beginning of the alt timeline. I don't really buy that because everyone seems to know one another, but Richard does tell Locke he seems different. Otherwise:

2) The photos and the crane wreckage buried in cement in the first episode of season two includes Juliet's remains, and WHH for sure. If that photo was always on island, and that wreckage in the hatch was from 70's suicide bomber jack, then there has to be a single timeline and any alt reality considerations are a red herring. Those two things seem, to me, to be a HUGE flaw in the continuity of the story if the bomb did in fact change anything.

Not to mention, whereas "twitchy" thought he was going to change things, he wandered into his repetitive fate. His mom had killed him before, and knew he was destined to die by her hand again...and he did. That would suggest that Jack was going to do the same.

Again, I don't read all of these, so apologies if this has already been said.

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