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Charlie at mental hospital by Johnny Knoxville

Only my second and not sure if its been stated before.

I am re-watching season 4 (not sure why I started at 4) and I remember when Charlie comes to talk to Hugo. He states that he is dead, but he is also here. Perhaps this is evidence of ALT. Again I am not sure which outlook or spectrum you could pigeon hole me into, but just hear me out.

So in the past Hugo has need re-assurance from others that what he sees is real. When he sees Locke he asks a nurse, ex. So when someone else tells him that there is a man there and its Charlie. He kinda has a feeling hes real. This is the ALT part, what if Charlie was there, because up to that point Hugo's path would lead him to the island and then while he was arguing in his mind Hugo makes a decision that he WILL NOT go back and this forces Charlie to disappear (think back to the future photograph where people disappeared). Just a thought, let me know what yall think.

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