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Here is an interesting first scene for season 6: just imagine that it's Feb. 2nd, and you've got everything perfectly set up for the show like you usually do (the phone's left off the hook, your cell phone turned off, the doorbell disabled, whoever you live with has been falsely told that for the next two hours the living space is being sprayed with pesticide because of that bad pest problem which you yourself planted weeks ahead of time only to have the peace and quiet you deserve on LOSTday, etc., etc.). It's Christmas Morning for the LOST fan. Can't wait.

We first see a replay of Juliet hitting the bomb, and a blinding white light. The light turns into smoke. The smoke dissipates. From the clearing, the familiar eye takes shape, and we hear that noise that sounds like a high-pitched car spinning its wheels then being sucked into a vacuum (a space vacuum not an Oreck). The eye opens. The camera pans out and we see a clean cut Sawyer. He's in the woods runs out and starts helping people. We see the plane crash and hear people crying. The shot would be parallel to the pilot episode. Sawyer would run over to the chaotic screaming and we would see him call over Locke. Locke and Sawyer would help a guy, we would then see Charlie standing around braindead, and then something unexpected, Charlie gets crushed by that huge piece of debris that barely misses him the first time. Sawyer is met by Boone and Boone points out that Rose is not breathing. Sawyer says that he's not a doctor, you try something. Then we see Michael running and sc! reaming "Walt!", then we hear him scream, "Susan!" (his wife). Sawyer sees Claire and assists her then yells for Dr. Arzt and tells him to help Claire. He sees the wing start to dangle and screams at Arzt and Claire and something else unexpected happens, they dive out of the way just as Jack helped them dive out of the way.

I'll end there, but basically you can see what I am getting at. My basic premise is that WHH, but because they knew that they could change things, the time line shifts. Daniel alerts them a couple of hours in advance. Those couple of hours were not enough to change a major part of the future. For instance, because they knew for only a couple of hours that they could change things, major parts of the world would not be affected: the US President would not be Al Gore, the World Trade Center would still be bombed, Microsoft would still be a success, and I would still be writing this theory to the twenty of you out there, etc.

Since the island is secluded, and since there were only a couple of hours to make a difference, I predict that there will only be small changes that take place. Hurley wouldn't even be present on the flight since he is the only one affected by the island (the numbers playing on the signal then to that weird guy in the psyche ward and then to him) before they land on the island.

There are hundreds of different simulations and combinations of this scenario. I just did this at random, but my theory remains. The crash will happen but in a different way. We will then in Season 6 become aware of how the small amount of time that they knew affected everyone.

MIB says that it all happens the same (but I think he means this in a broader sense of the phrase) while Jacob says but everything that happened before is just progress (meaning there are changes). Perhaps this is the sixteenth time the plane has crashed on the island, and small changes have taken place each time (progression). But it all ends the same (failure). Perhaps this will be the final time this happens and the Losties will finally break the loop in the seventeenth try.

If this is correct, there would be no loop; there would be more of a spiral, coming around but going forward just a bit.

If you've ever heard of the butterfly effect, then you would understand this theory. The butterfly flaps its wings in the past, which is the cause of a hurricane in the distant future. One small event creates a ripple eventually affecting everything. But since the ripple starts out small (the hour of time where they know it can be changed), and since only thirty years have passed, the ripple cannot have a giant effect.

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