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The new feud by Ricardos Alpert

I had a bit of an epiphany the other night after re watching The Incident yet again. I have read quite a few theories as of late about Jack somehow taking Jacobs place in the grand scheme of things when all is said and done, which is possible. Its the antagonist that I think will be different.

Many people have theorized that MIB under the guise of Locke will comtinue to be Jacob/Jacks adversary. I think it will be Sawyer. Think about it, MIB has (seemingly) taken on the persona of John Locke. Jack has a new found appreciation for John and his views of having faith and believing in destiny. Then throw in the fact that he (MIB) may possibly be able to use Christian to sway Jack to his side of things.

Then there's Sawyer. He could possibly blame losing Juliet on Jack due to his insistance on carrying out the destruction of the pocket with the hydrogen bomb. That could be the seed of hatred that Sawyer would forever hold towards Jack. That and the fact that he feels that Jack and co. showing up ruined his and Juliets lives with the Dharma initiative.

So now you have the two sides, playing the same game, by the same rules. Sawyer, in the place of Jacob, does what he does best and cons the Others into believing that he is in fact the "good guy". And then there's Jack, in the place of MIB, trying to find a loophole to kill Sawyer and set things right.

Oh and wouldnt it be something to see a fair haired, scruffy faced Sawyer and a dark haired scruffy face Jack having a conversation amongst themselves on the beach as a vessel is approaching the island?

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