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continued from Return from the Underworld pt.1


One of the common interests MIB and the Monster share is returning Locke to the Underworld and punishing Jacob for breaking the rules. The Monster is like the law enforcement/military, Jacob or MIB are like The President. So the law enforcement/military would share an interest with punishing a former President if found guilty. (LOOSE analogies, don't take them literally)

Richard gives young Locke a Dalai Lama-type test and he gravitates towards three objects with major significance to the loophole. The jar of ash = the circle of broken ash. The compass = the object to misdirect Richard into making exceptions for Locke. The knife = the weapon used to kill Jacob. Young Locke drew a picture which looked eerily reminiscent of the scene in which the Monster hovered over him before dragging him to the venthole. It also looks like the image of a dying Jacob next to a smoking fire. One image from Locke's POV, the other from MIB/Locke's POV.

This indicates Locke was destined to be involved in the plot to kill Jacob not lead the Others, so it makes sense Richard was confused and didn't see him as special. He was looking for a leader. Why would Jacob break the rules to save someone who is involved in killing him? Because Jacob needs Locke alive in s1-5 to counsel Jack for Jack to fulfill his purpose. Jack must become a man of science and faith to do the work he has been chosen for. So Locke can't die yet. Locke is the Auditor for the Island, used by Jacob and MIB to improve things. Locke was resurrected from the Underworld so that he could make it to the Island alive on 815 to serve Jacob's purposes. He later would return on Ajira 316 dead and be reanimated to serve MIB's purposes. Jacob and MIB. Similar abilities, common interests, differing modus operandi.

A leader gets purged for breaking the rules. Jacob had been unable to accomplish the task the Island wants, so a new leader must be groomed to succeed him. The opening conversation of The Incident was Jacob making his case to keep his job. Jacob has broken the rules in the past perhaps as a deperate attempt to "think outside the magic box". (bad pun sorry) MIB arrives on the beach like a supervisor or judge investigating Jacob. (Paraphrased) "You brought them here to prove me wrong, to prove you're still worthy of the job I appointed you. Everyone you bring has become corrupted, and destroys the things we're trying to do here but I'm in a catch-22 because I need someone to replace you but no one has shown the ability to do that yet. One day I'll find a way to rectify this dilemma."

Like Ben, I believe Jacob started to accept his pending dismissal and as one of his final necessary acts he broke the rules to resurrect the instrument that would be vital to his removal but would also redeem him. Widmore extracting Ben for Locke to lead parallels in many ways MIB extracting Jacob for Jack to lead. Jacob saves Locke so Locke counsels Jack. MIB impersonates Locke to kill Jacob, and grooms Jack to succeed Jacob by testing him in s6 thru similar but more complex ways Locke was tested on the Island. To be in charge Jack will need all of his advisors help to see thru all the long cons. It's no coincidence he has a couple of former con artists Sawyer and Kate. He'll need all the Losties in some way to lead his side to victory. It would nicely fit in with Lost's way of having one event directly provide for another even though it appeared to have a different intention.

Jacob redeems himself by providing the Island with a tabula rasa by appointing Jack. Locke redeems himself by finally inspiring someone instead of continually trusting people in vain. MIB redeems himself by correcting his decision to appoint Jacob leader. Jack redeems himself and finds his purpose as a "fixer" by becoming the one who brings people to the Island he said he never wanted to return to, in order to be "fixed"

Similar abilities, common interests, and differing modus operandi... all collaborating under the approving eye of the Island for the greater good of mankind.

Return from the Underworld/Succeed

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