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Saving the world using the numbers by Colin Smith

My theory has to do with the numbers and the valenzetti equation.

From Lostpedia:
"Though shrouded in mystery, this much is known about the Valenzetti Equation: it is a mathematical calculation designed to predict nothing less than the exact number of years
left before the extinction of the human race."

I remember seeing a video where Alvar Hanso says something to the effect of "....Change the numbers and you change history"

I think the the 6 numbers corrospond to 6 of the characters. I'm going to guess that they are 6 of the ones that Jacob touched in the season 5 finale.

I'm a believer that the reset theory and that there's a loop that characters are going through. Hence it only ends once. All the characters need to do is make progress.

Jugheads explosion will put each character back right were we first met them in the Pilot Episode 1. I think it is going to be through their actions and what they do differently this time around that ultimatly "saves the world"

If Lost is a show about redemption and the survivors are, up to this point, redeeming themselves for their actions prior to arriving on the island. That would mean this would give them another chance at redemption, only this time for their actions while they were on the island.

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