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Jacob=Free Will, MiB=Fate by Ken

The entirety of Lost is a battle between free will and fate to determine which one ultimately controls the future. Personifying fate is the Man In Black, who believes "it always ends the same." Personifying free will is Jacob, who believes that "it only ends once; everything before that is progress."

To attempt to prove his point and thus control the future, Free Will travels through time and space in order to first influence people and later bring them to the island. Jacob visited Kate when she was a child, for example, and attempted to persuade her not to steal -- planning to bring her to the island later in life in order to use her as a pawn to prove his point. (I know it's sort of a paradox to think of Free Will as something that tries to "control" you, but maybe that's Darlton's point: that Free Will is really just another puppet-master.)

Kate, however, ended up leading a life of crime despite Jacob visiting her. This could indicate that Jacob (Free Will) was wrong and that the Man In Black (Fate) was right, that people just "are who they are."

The "war that is coming"? It's the war between free will and fate. The outcome of this war will determine the future of existence. The Man In Black told Jacob "Do you know how much I want to kill you?" Fate wants to destroy Free Will so that he can be the sole determiner of the future.

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