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The Island Trinity by Atman

There are thought to be two opposing forces on the Island, Jacob and MIB. One is light, one is dark. One (arguably) represents free will, the other, fate. Once sees the good in humanity, the other, the evil. This ying and yang, if you will, has come to epitomize the LOST's themes, or at least the themes as we understand them so far. I posit that instead of two opposite forces existing on the Island, there are in fact THREE different entities, not necessarily in competition, but acting in mutual balance (until the whole loophole thing). These three forces are Jacob, MIB, and the Island itself, which early in the show had often been anthropomorphised. I would further claim that these three forces are a parallel to the Hindu Trimurti, the pantheon of the three highest gods: Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma, respectively. Let's take a look at each of these parallels (starting with the most obvious one):

Shiva is known as "The Feared One" and "The Destroyer". Futhermore, he is also considered a judge. A perfect parallel to MIB, who by now can almost undoubtedly be considered one and the same with the Smoke Monster.
This god is considered the preserver and protector of creation. He is brought to Earth in the form of avatars in order to preach rejuvenate true dharma in the world. This can be analogous to Jacob visiting each of the Losties in the past, in order to awaken a latent trait in them. Notwithstanding the last sentence may or may not be true, Jacob is the preserver of the Island, and for that reason he created the Others; helpers in his task of preservation and protection.
This god is the god of creation. He is the source of the Universe. The Island is the same. It is the source of Jacob and MIB, and perhaps the Universe at large.

Research a little and tell me what you think!!!

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