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Richard, Jacob and MIB by Kristian

First of all, most of the following is based on stuff, Misa wrote.

Midsa had the theorie, that said: MIB is dead in 2004. My first thougt was: Hm, never thougt about that. Second: But a clever idea somehow.

I also think, MIB is dead in 2004. And I would like to add one idea why MIB was killed in the first place.

Maybe after the conversation we see in 5x16, MIB tried to kill Jacob but this first "loophole" did not work - and he was killed by someone close to Jacob or his exellency himself.

LOST likes to do things again and again. Maybe they showed us with Flocke and Ben, what has happend almost exactly a long time before. MIB convinced somebody to kill Jacob, but his "tool" did not do it. Instead, MIB gets killed and thrown in to a fire, burned.

I also have an idea about the place, where that might have happend. I think, it also was a place with a fire and I think it was in a closed room. Like later with Flocke, Ben and Jacob.

The place was also built in acient times, but it was not the statue. I think it all happened in the temple.

And this is my own crazy idea: Has not the temple a guard, aka smokey? Maybe that was, how MIB and Smokey got "melted" and Smokey gets "crazy". MIB dies in the temple, gets burned, scanned from Smokey and SMIB is born.

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