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I just came across this idea with my comment to another theory but I wonder if there is more to it. Now I don't think MIB "took over" Ben but I do think he "used" Ben as a pawn since he was a kid.

The whispers are still debtated to this day on what role they play for the story but I did come across this translation on the "Darkufo Whipsers" section that caught my attention:


Its the whisper translation when kid Ben saw the image of his deceased Mom at the fence in Season 4.

Man: "Look at me"
Ben's mother: "Look at me. It's all right, it's okay, (-It's okay, **echo) I'm here. Look at me."
Man: "Ben, You're my prisoner and- (inaudible, but most likely: "and we are ready" or "and you are mine". Perhaps both in overlay.)
Man: demonic laugh.
Ben: "I'm scared mom."
Mom: "It's all right, (-don't worry **Over lay**) patience Ben."

Creepy coincidence, huh? Many people theorize that MIB is behind many of the apparitions on the Island, so could this be MIB setting up Ben for his plan to kill Jacob? This was a huge turning point for Ben to trust the Island and it inhabitants, so I am theorizing that could this mean that the whispers may also have some type of connection with MIB and possibly Jacob (almost like a supernatural commentary between the two fueding entities on the island).

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