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Ben was the smoke monster/MIB before Locke by Joe

Here are 9 reasons why I believe that Ben was the Smoke Monster/MIB

1) Ben became the "carrier" of the smoke monster when Richard brought him there to be "healed" when he was a boy. Richard even said that he would lose his innocence and always be one of us.

2) Ben somehow knew to build the runway for the Ajira 316 flight that wouldnt happen for another 3 years. I see this as MIB making preperations for his "loophole".

3) Ben is the only person who can summon the smoke monster. He has a secret door right underneath his house in dharmaville.

4) Ben moved the island. Christian told Locke that HE needed to move the island, but once Locke relayed that information to Ben/MIB, he decided to move the island in order to counter Jacobs "attack".

5) Ben was born in outside of Portland, Oregon. During the course of the show he tells some of the castaways that he was born on the island. Either for some unknown reason he lied or maybe the MIB was born on the island and there was an underlying meaning when Ben said that.

6) The Purge - Ben said that it wasn't his decision, could it subconsciously the MIB telling him to do it?

7) Ben did not want the Freighter Folk to find the Island, his reasoning was because Widmore wanted to exploit the island. But remember that the MIB is against change believes outsiders will come and they will corrupt/kill/ etc. Ben/MIB wanted to avoid the freighter at all costs.

8) Ben is unable to kill Widmore, just like MIB cant kill Jacob

9) Ben was never allowed to see Jacob, only Richard could see him. Jacob knew the MIB was Ben.

Now the turning point: How did Locke become the MIB/Smoke Monster

Leaving the island causes Ben/MIB to exhiled. But only the MIB is exhiled not Ben. and he knows this which is why he kills Locke and tells Jack and co. to bring Locke back, not only for the purpose of being a proxy for Christian but also so When the plane crashes on the island the MIB has a new host - Locke.

This would explain why Ben is in the state of mind that he is right now - lost, confused, and willing to listen to Locke/MIB without question.

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