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Well...I'm sitting around thinking about LOST(of course!)...and I was thinking of how the team Dalton said that they will show us they planned it from the start......and I thought....what can it be???....and then it hit me....


She's alive! She's dead! She's alive!...Speeding SUV...DEAD.

Sayid's love of his life is proof of NOT alt realities...but Intertwining/Dueling realities....How?

When we first meet Nadia....she is a war criminal/prisoner to Iraq...a rebel.

She is doomed for execution,deemed by Omar(Sayid's superior).

Sayid shoots and kills Omar-shoots himself in the leg-frees Nadia and covers for her and himself by saying.....(this is Sayid saying this to Nadia)...

"You took my gun...wounded me-shot Omar...and escaped."

After this...you all know the rest ,so let's shoot up to 2005...


With her dying words,Nadia says..."take me home."

..several days later...

IRAQ-Nadia's funeral?....

They are celebrating Nadia's funeral in the streets,Traditional Iraq funeral celebrating the passing of the dead(Heck! It was even televised...Ben saw it on T.V.!).

...Now why would they celebrate Nadia's funeral like this when she is a known War criminal,Killer(Omar,remember?),and Traitor to her country.the Iraq government,I'm sure is not that forgiving...

Sayid:"If I go with you Nadia,they will see me as a Traitor and kill my family!"

...So...would they have killed Nadia's family after she escaped?
I mean...would they actually give her a normal funeral? or would they just dump her body in an alley or the desert for the vultures?
...I would think,there's NO WAY she would be welcomed back.And just the fact Sayid married her!With everything that went on..I don't think Sayid would take her body back to Iraq... He would be deemed a traitor also....I mean think about it...He was the guy she shot in the leg to escape and now they are married!?....I would think the powers that be in IRAQ would have a problem with this.

This also goes along with Sayid not being able to translate the French map and Danielle's message, but actually lived and worked in Paris(We have discussed this before on this subject).

CLEARLY, their is two realities going on here.

1)Nadia-War Criminal/Tratior.
2)Nadia-Normal Iraq citizen that lives in L.A.

this also explains the RANDY thing....All the JOBS Locke has done....I mean...for real...Locke can not hold a job and each job is such a huge difference in dynamic from the last.

John was....

1)Toy store employee.
3)Farm hand(Weed farm).
4)Home Inspector.
5)Supervisor for a Box company.


No way! It's just way too weird with the work history and the unemployment....It does not line up?

I think that AUSTRALIA is the gateway were people from different realities can co-exist at the same time and space.where they can also switch over from one reality to another(unknown to them,this is why most of them always seemed baffled over things).

Think of it like the Train Station from Harry Potter....Harry and everybody has to board on Train at station 13 1/2(which is really a doorway to another Dimension,cause that's where their school exist....another dimension!).Is the Airport in Australia like this?

...I also think Charlie that visited Hurley....He is from another dimension.When Charlie...Harper....anybody that appears and vanishes into thin air, I think are sliding in and out of some type of Dimension door,that when they open it...you can hear background noise/talk from the other dimension-kinda like when you go up to a house that's playing loud music,It's quite on the outside but when the door opens,you can here the music loudly(this would also explain the whispers).

So that's my thought/theory for today....what does everyone think?....Feedback and thoughts,please.

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