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The answer to Lost is MIFS by Albert Awol

I would like to apologize in advance to the cast, producers, and writers on the show for figuring it out ahead of time. So Sorry!

Fact: Jorge Garcia was the very first person cast on the show

The most important scene in the entire series is in The Incident, Part 2. No, it's not the Incident. It's exactly 16 minutes in. Hurley and Jacob share a cab. Go watch this scene right now. I'll wait. No, seriously. Yes, I know you remember what happened, but it's the cinematography of the scene we are interested in. Go... Watch. This is the scene that clinched it for me that I was completely 100% right about this theory. And it will convince you too.

These two actors did not shoot the scene together. Watch it again. The whole reason the guitar is there is cover for the fact that a whole lot of blue screen technology went into the making of this clip. But why? Why go through all the trouble of setting up and shooting a scene that LOOKS exactly like any scene where one actor plays two parts. (Think Eddie Murphy in the Adventures of Pluto Nash) The only thing wrong with this scene is that is seems like a lot of trouble to go through when you have two different actors to begin with. A clue perhaps?

Yes, it's a clue, but the big final reveal for Lost has got to be good. It's Lost. It's got to be a mind blowing twist that will knock your socks into their own flash forward next week.

I posit that the actor Jorge Garcia is in fact Mark Pellegrino in a fat suit. There is no real Jorge Garcia.

Remember when Hurley had a secret stash of food? That was the explanation of why he wasn't losing weight on the island as his character should. Or the producers used that to cover up MIFS (Mark In a Fat Suit)

I started rewatching from the very beginning with MIFS in mind, and you will be SHOCKED when you do too. It's the same dialog, but a different show. Completely different. It feels like season 1 again, but because all the dialog the genius writers crafted have always taken MIFS into account. Knowing the solution to the story makes it a different story, rewatchable as if you never saw it before. Genius I say!

Spread the word! The solution to LOST is MIFS!

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