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Fake Start, Real Ending by Benjiroman

Ok, let me just say that LOST to this date has constantly built things up for us as huge mysteries or giant puzzles, however when they reveal the answer they do it in a somewhat less dramatic manner than you might think for example, the theme of jacob ran through 5 series and yet when we finally found out who he is it was done very casually at the start of the season 5 finale. So we know the writers use clever plot devices to make us think were about to see the biggest twist when something much bigger is in play. Therefore, do you think that it could be possible that they are just luring us in with this alternate timeline theory that they seem to be pointing towards and perhaps maybe a few episodes down the line jack might wake up on the island possibly dreaming that he made it to LA X... Just something i thought i would put out there. cheers guys.

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