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Prison by System1988

Ok here’s theory you are going to hate here :)

The Island is a prison. Sun has an idea of this; she said so in season 1 "Do you think we are being punished?" Prisons are a form of punishment. The punishment is the deprivation of freedom.

The characters of the show are all miserable life forms. Criminals of Life if i may say so. Including Hurley, yes Hurley! If you were sitting all day long in front of a tv and eating chicken wings, and then you are suddenly worth 150.000.000 dollars and done nothing all your life you are evil. Hurley should have gotten rid of the money because he did not deserve it. Sorry Hurley fans (I love Hugo by the way) deal with it. Plain and cynical.

Sun also says they are being punished for sins of their past.

I believe that the Island wanted the O6 back for that exact reason. Prisons are made to keep dangerous people at bay, threats to community stability (I am against prisons by the way, even murderers should be free to see the sun).

The island does exactly that. Desmond said "Because this is it. There is no outside world there is no escape"

Why escape? Ben says in season 3 "Let me ask you this Jack. Why so desperate to leave? What is it that you strive to go back to?"

To me all the characters of the show are somewhat evil. And throughout the show they actually become better people. After all a correctional facility’s main job is to make the prisoners learn to re-socialize better with the community that expelled them.

The island needs a leader. A prison needs a warden. Only one can be the leader (Richard season 5). As far as I know there can be no more wardens than one in a prison.

The island works like a prison. And there are Other prisoners as well. Older ones, the ones a freshman in prison meets and hopefully survives the first contact with.

Season 2
“This is not your island. This is our island. And the reason you are living on it, it’s because we let you live on it.”
Ok this is just prison thrash talk ok? I am a social anthropologist believe me I know.

Jacob is the State. The state gives orders to the prison systems. Ben was the warden, now Locke is chosen to be. And the leader takes orders from Jacob. Richard can play the role of the middle man, the state’s government that checks the prison systems and passes the legislation given by the people/State.

“We have a very thorough process of selecting our leaders and it happens from a very early age”
Prison wardens are also chosen through life records that check their mental stabilities. These records go back to even their childhood. You cannot be a warden if you ever hit a person, even to defend yourself.

Locke is the one that never actually hurt anyone. Thus he can become the new leader. He did not even take the shot against the cop at the pot houses. The cop approached him because he checked his record. You see how this all fits? Locke is not made to take any lifes. Until he kills Naomi on the island. That’s what made his possession by MIB complete if you catch me.

“His innocence will be lost” Richard says before he takes Ben down to the temple. The Others save the children and take them and give them a better life because a child must never be a prisoner. There are no prisons for children. I do not know the word now for prisons that are built to make children better behaving students but I believe this applies for the island also.

The children are the future warden thus they must not take part in any fights and lose their innocence. “We give them a better life than yours” said Carl to Kate and Sawyer in season 3.

Ok now think of it. The island moves around all the time. The Cerberus protects the temple and the Ohterville just like a prison guard who keeps the warden’s office and social prison areas safe from the prisoners. A prisoner can walk around the facility but cannot enter certain places.

“The temple is not for them” Ben says to Alex in season 4. Only more trustworthy prisoners can access special areas of the prison, these prisoners are the only ones who can pass the guards freely. The guard is the Cerberus system.

Each and every attempt the characters made to leave the island failed until season 4 and then again they were forced to return. Ben left the island to catch and bring them back. That’s why he left Kate and Sayid take the helicopter because he knew it was too late already to stop them. He left the island to bring them back just like warden would leave his prison to catch the escaped prisoners. Widmore believed that if he caught the O6 first and brought them back by helping Locke, the new warden who also left to catch them, he would be redeemed and get his place as a leader/warden once more. The State/Jacob however has other plans. Just like Richard who as I said represents the government that may take orders from the State but that does not mean it applies each order he is given. After all there are really few prisons that meet the standards given by the state. So Richard, the government has the real power, not Jacob/State.

The island is a prison, deal with it. The dangers are many just like in season 2 when Anna Lucia says “They came the first night we where here”
Most freshmen do not survive their first night in prisons, or if lucky enough, they survive with some serious butt pains. Sorry for that but its true.

Pregnant women are never kept in prisons that’s why Claire was so “nicely” treated by the Others.

Ok now the island as I said functions as a prison. A really well made prison. It is an entity that is not exactly connected to the rest of the world, just like a prison is not exactly connected with the outside world.

The question is why would anyone (God, The Universe, whoever) take such extreme measures to imprison these people and create for them such a complicated prison? Between us, the crimes the Losties are accused for are meaningless compared to mass murderers, child abusers, rapists, corrupted politicians and churches (yes I believe churches must stop taking advantage of people!)

So why these people? I mean come on, Jack punched his dad, that’s not worth of imprisonment on a deserted island!

Or is it?

In season 6 we will be shown what life of these people would be if they were never to come to the island, never get imprisoned. I think that the characters of the show that ended up on the island are variables to an equation that threatens world stability. Jacob/State is has a vision into the future. He sees how (I am really looking forward to see that “how”) the characters will be responsible for the end of all things and touches them in a way so that they end up in prison (Island) That simple.

What about MIB? What is his angle? And how the hell can I fit him into my theory? MIB does not want people to come to the island. I think MIB was the very first prisoner of the island. That’s why he has so many forms and manipulates so easy. Because he has the infamous green card given to him by the prison guards. He can do anything as this is his prison, a prison he knows well. He might as well be the prison guard. He tries to prove Jacob/State wrong, that these people are not prisoners and should leave outside in the real world but at the same time he believes that they all should die anyway because they are threats to society. That’s what many actual prison guards believe. They do not want to see people get imprisoned but at the same time they think they should just get killed and not be dealt otherwise.
Jacob/State on the other hand wants these people imprisoned but he also wants them to become better people so that one day they might get out clean not escape.

The loops happen to keep the Losties/prisoners at bay because they always find a loophole via Locke/MIB/Prison guard/Warden. The triple role of Locke is awesome. He is a new warden who failed to keep the far more experienced prison guard (MIB) under his control, just like Ben if you ask me, and thus all this mess happens.

So now we have season 6. Let us see what would happen if the criminal was never caught by destiny at the first place. This show is about characters, prisoners.


Many say that our beloved Scottish drunk is the key to all this. Well I believe he is indeed a prisoner that has lived in the prison for 3 years and has come to know it quite well. He knows routes of escape; his conscience does to be more exact.

Ok, time to Faraday you a little LOL

Take the island like a prison, connected to the rest of the world possibly by a wormhole. Desmond is the only one who knows (subconsciously) the only escape route, just like he escaped from the island in season 3 and managed to go back to a time when he never even came to the island. He meets hawking again who as a previous warden (island leader) has the sacred duty to lead the prisoner back to his prison cell. That’s why all this universe course correction mambo jumbo. She even tells Desmond that pressing the button is the only great thing he will ever do! That’s because she knows that he will fail to push it at some point and imprison unwillingly the 815 by crashing it to the island.

“Just saving the world” said Kelvin

The button was made to keep the Losties on the island. Deal with it! It was made to NOT get pushed at some time by Desmond, just like a trap, Locke’s toy trap. The mouse was 815.

What I think happens in season 6? Well that’s simple. All the characters on the island flashback just like Desmond did when he turned the fail safe key. Season 5 ends with a blinding light that is exactly the same as Desmond’s stunt in season 2 finale. In other worlds they all get a huge amount of electromagnetism from the Jughead detonation that dislocates their time/space inner mind compass. Their consciousnesses go wild and they mind time travel back to their start point, in 815. This time though they decide to do things differently because they remember some things. Desmond for example remembers some things. He after all recognized Charlie in season 3 when he flashed back to the past via fail safe. He suddenly realizes that he must let Kelvin escape and chooses not to follow him and kill him accidentally. He stays. He presses the button in time. There you go, 815 does not crash. You then got season 6.

I think that when the producers said to us that in season 6 we won’t know when is when they mean that each character will be shown in 4 times.

1) Flashbacks
2) Flash forwards
3) After Jughead implosion on the island suffering from cabin fever, no constants, just like Desmond
4) Returning to LA as if nothing ever happened.

I believe that these are all connected. I once wrote a theory that implied that all the flashbacks and flash forwards on the show are happening like Desmond’s flashes in the episode C onstant.

God knows what can happen now. You have all the prison’s inmates on the loose. And when I mean all I mean all! How on earth will the universe course correct well… I guess that’s why they call season 6 “Destiny Found”

Each character on the show has a destiny.

However I believe that their destiny is kind of a two- goal target. One can choose which goal he/she wants to achieve.

Option 1
They all become better people thus they do not need to get imprisoned in the first place.

Option 2
They return to the island willingly, without being forced by anyone so that one day they can return as men and women clear of their sins.

There are always 2 sides.
One is light
One is dark

To sum this up,

The island is a prison. Its prisoners are now on the loose. In season 6 we will see what would happen if the 815 never got imprisoned and how it is responsible for the end of all things. After the Incident the characters will suffer what Desmond and Mikawlsky (sorry never know how to spell this name) suffered, thus we will have an extra timeline, one I have long waited to see in full action: The Flash Lifes as I will call them from now on. The lifes of the alternate reality that only Desmond had access to so far in the show. We will have thus 4 types of flashes.

1) Flashbacks
2) Flash forwards
3) Actual Time
4) Flash Lifes (The flash lifes are not an actual alternate timeline because they happen mentally not physically)

Thanks for reading!

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