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I'm going to quickly go over every episode from S1 to S5 and explain the best I can the major plot points and some minor if they pertain to the overall plot and this theory. This one is going to be dealing with Season 1: Part 1 of 5
Tomorrow i will continue with Season 2: Part 2 of 5

This will seem like just a walkthrough of the show, but i will be adding my theories and clues throughout as they fit in with the overall theory pertaining to MIB. I don't want to accidently leave out any part, so we'll skim over every episode. Some episodes don't have anything to do with him, so I'll skip past them.

If you are well versed in the bible, you'll know that on many occasions god made his presence known and helped man, however, Satan was ever-present among mortals throwing them off the righteous path with temptation.
In this theory i'm going use Smokey and MIB as the same entity. Pure evil...

SEASON 1. Sept 04-Dec 04
Jack, Kate and Charlie run from Smokey at the Cockpit. We don't get to see what happened to Jack, but hmm, it looked sort of fishy, and if anything did happen to him, he would of lied about it anyways. So we can't take much from this, other then Smokey is established as a threat.

Locke runs into Smokey. He scans Locke, and lets him go. We, the audience, don't see the scan,(so that is theory)but since Locke says he saw a bright white light, says it was beautiful and interprets it as good, let's assume he was scanned like Eko. He is a possible candidate. However, he is happy and alongside his renewed legs, he has renewed faith. It may be a misplaced faith, but Locke wouldn't know otherwise. We all know Smokey seen images of Ekos' life, so it's safe to assume he did Locke also, and liked what he saw. He saw a sad lonely man, easily fooled and led into temptation. That is if he scanned him.

MIB tries to tempt Jack next, and appears as Christian. Jack chases him off a cliff almost to his death. Locke saves him. Jack is confused, lost and insecure, but Lockes faith steers Jack in the right direction. After this event, Jack becomes the unquestioned leader of the group, but also splits up the group so who knows MIB's intention. Is Jack a candidate? Or just in the way? Jack's not on the list, and if he starts becoming a leader of the group like he started to, he's gonna get in the way down the road, so i think he tried to kill him.
Side note: There has to be a rotting Christian body, somewhere, MIB doesn't reanimate the dead, he just takes their form.

In the meantime, the Others have a list of ppl from the tail section, and they kidnap the women and children. Goodwin got the names, but they are chosen by Jacob, at least they think it's Jacob. It's actually MIB parading as Jacob. During all this a few innocents are killed.

Meanwhile there is a sense of evil in the air, and the survivors are feeling the effect. Their natural ways of life are playing right into the hands of the evil one, with lots of thievery, fighting, and greed. Sawyer is the main cause of most of the problems. Stealing food, the Marshals gun and this time it's the Inhalers. Jack and Sayid handle him. After torturing him and almost killing him, Sayid banishes himself from the group.

Sayid find a women on the island. She identifies a group of island inhabitants she calls the "Others" as the carriers of a sickness that her companions caught, and says that the Others whisper in the jungle. We now know that the sickness she refers to is some sort of evil possession as Robert turns on her and almost kills her. This sheds some light on the evil, altho we, the audience, don't realize it til Season 5, when we see what happened in 1988. On his way back to the group, Sayid hears the whispers. More on Robert and possession later.

Claire is kidnapped, and the Others are attempting to steal her baby. We find out later, the Others were trying to save mothers that die in labor and used Claire as a test subject. They do take Walt later on, so maybe Walt and little Aaron was on the list tho.

Kate finds the case with her toy airplane. This toy airplane is significant, because it is her constant from mind tripping to an alternate universe 1970's. I'm kidding. It is significant because in spite of feeling ashamed for what she did, or for acquiring the toy plane, it symbolizes her confession for what she did. Or is acquiring this item to put her mind at ease just selfish greed? So is this a act to redeem herself for her sins? Or is this just an act of selfish greed? Not sure on this one, could go either way... She was on the list, wasn't she? We don't know who was, we just know Jack wasn't.

Boones jealousy and love for his sister leads to an experience. A vision/dream sequence where Smokey kills his sister. Boone was very scared, and tried to protect Shannon, but thought he lost her. He then wakes up, confused to see Shannon alive and well. Think of this as MIB saying, I can make all your pain go away... And he gives Boone a glimpse. Another temptation. Again, Locke is totally oblivious to the dubious intentions of the visions, and thinks they are good, when in fact they are bad.

Walt has a test of respect for Father and Mother.
He treats his father like dirt. Notice afterwards he loves his father. It's possible each character needed a story of righteousness and this was his... This episode was just kinda filler for me, but the point was made. Walt learned his lesson, a new-ound love and respect for his father.

Charlie kills Ethan as revenge for kidnapping Claire.
Evil fills his heart big time. He could of walked the path of redemption but blew it. He'll get one final chance to redeem himself later on in Season 3 by sacrificing himself for his loved ones. More about contacting the freighter later...

Sawyer has a case of consciousness, and lets a boar live, instead of murdering it out of anger. He also hears whispers during this event.

Sun's lie comes out and her husband gets upset and helps build the raft. Walt sets the raft on fire, because he likes it here on the island.

Hurleys madness with the numbers brings him to Rousseau
who puts his mind at ease. He's a victim of chicken and the egg, thanks to his time travel later on. His voice is the one Rousseau's team hears on the numbers signal in 1988, which is the same one the Australian guy hears in the Pacific, with the crazy guy that repeats them in the crazy ward to Hurley. Poor Hurley. In the near term, he's NOT crazy and comes out better. Long term? Who knows. I think we are done with the numbers, so wouldn't he be done with them also? Maybe the incident aftermath will have an effect on this outcome, who knows.

Locke used to be paralyzed, and couldn't feel a thing, now he can walk. Locke gets upset, frustrated, and suffers a lack of faith and all of a sudden he can't feel anything in his legs again. Is it possible walking and his island happiness is all a gift from MIB or Jacob? Is this punishment for TRYING to open the hatch or for FAILING to open the hatch? Or perhaps it is an attempt to stop him from opening it. We shall see. Locke has a dream. He sees a plane crash and then sees Boone staring up at something else, and he is bleeding, then sees a vision of his mother pointing up, then a bloody Boone saying Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs. He also sees himself in a wheelchair then he wakes up. The dream leads them to the crashed drug plane. Boone climbs it and dies. Was this MIB's way of getting Boone out of the way? Or was this just happenstance? You almost have to think MIB gave Locke that vision? don't you?

Not much in Do No Harm... Boone dies, and Claire has Aaron...
Don't get me wrong, great episode!, but as far as this theory, i don't think theres much interference from outside forces and such. Maybe MIB wanted Boone out of the way. Its the only thing i can think of here.

I thought obtaining the toy airplane was Kate's own little personal confession to god for killing her first love. Guess she's not over it, as the sin she committed is back to haunt her. With the raft and potential rescue on her mind, she wants a spot on the raft at any cost. This proves she does not have a penitent heart for her sins... Poor girl. Exactly how MIB likes em! Also Walt touches Locke and tells him not to open the "thing"(hatch). Walts' powers are, as of yet, unexplainable. Do they have to do with good or evil? or is it just a cool side plot? Who knows. Later on Walt tells Mike he set the raft on fire and that he wanted to stay. Mike says ok, lets stay, but this time Walt insists that they have to leave. Maybe Walt is getting a scent of evil? idk

The Losties attempt to go to the Black Rock and MIB attacks them in the Dark Territory. Rousseau says it's the same place where her ppl became "infected" and where Montand lost his arm. Ben also came here to be judged by Smokey in Season 5. I don't think this is the same temple as the temple the Others hang out at, however, if the Others are under the influence of MIB, it's possible its the same place. Perhaps its very large, and this crack where Montand went into and Ben went into is a different part of the temple. This part however, seems to be the source of Smokey. At least so far it seems that way. More on this hole later.
MIB did chase them and try to take Locke tho... Think he would of possessed him like Robert? Maybe if he did he would of tried to take over the leadership role of the group. I don't think there was any meaning to this attack tho, i just think that Darlton wanted to throw some action/suspense into the trek.

Jacob was noticibly missing from Season 1 wasn't he? I mean obviously for suspenses' sake, Darlton wouldn't reveal him to the audience for awhile, but do any of you think Jacob had any influence in Season 1? Or any of the first few seasons for that matter? Think he's trapped under the foot this entire time? I do, I think he has had SOME influence, but not much, and for the most part, has been trapped, under the foot. Then again Jacob could appear as Vincent for all we know. Vincent did suspiciously watch Jack, Kate and Charlie trek to the cockpit. Also I think MIB has been living in the cabin, pretending to be Jacob to the Others. But what about the ash circle at the cabin, and the break in the ash circle? More on that in future installments...

More on MIB in our next installment
Stay tuned for Season 2: Part 2 of 5

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