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Adam & Eve by GT J Madga

Ok this has nothing much to do with the main plot, but i thought it may interset some of you. Please forgive me if someone else has already raised this thought.

In series one, in the cave where they find water, two dead bodies are also present there, they refer to them as "our very own Adam & Eve."
Well i belive that those two dead bodies are Rose & Bernard!!!


Well in series five, towards the end, we meet Rose & Bernard who are also stuck in 1977. I belive that after Juliet causes the bomb to go kerblamy, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, and Juliet will be transported to present day, but not Rose & Bernard as these were never approached by Jacob in there past.
They will continue to live out there lives from 1977 and will die on the island in that cave.

The only thing i'm not sure of is why they have a black & white stones on them.

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