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Locke´s and Desmond´s destiny by hansolo81

Hello again folks,

now I just have a rather short one for you. If it has been mentioned before, I will take the blame.

I rewatched season 1 and 2. Two things, beside the other 53335 clues got me thinking:


At work Locke played a military-board-game. He as colonel Locke was the LEADER of a whole army. Fighting a WAR.
Ok, this was the time, when I thought: Darlton are masterminds!
Cause now Locke is the Leader (good or evil - we will see).
And why is he the leader..? Because it was Jacob´s wish all along. Yes, this jacob-guy has a lot of tricks in store.

John Locke: "This is my destiny!!!" (Yes, you are right John)


Desmond´s character is really cool, but one thing is somehow wrong with him...I don´t get this whole soldier background of Des. Till today it has no real purpose. BUT maybe it will have...
If Locke leads now, maybe Des is one of his Soldierfigures.

Ladies and gentlemen, a war is coming in 2010.

And Locke is the leader of one team, that´s for sure. But Des and Sayid are soldiers and they will be important for the outcome of this war. Isn´t it funny, that both of them are injured right now? Anyway, there will be blood and some will find their true destiny.

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