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I'm going to quickly go over every episode from S1 to S5 and explain the best I can the major plot points and some minor if they pertain to the overall plot and this theory. This one is going to be dealing with Season 2: Part 2 of 5
Tomorrow i will continue with Season 3: Part 3 of 5

This will seem like just a walkthrough of the show, but i will be adding my theories and clues throughout as they fit in with the overall theory pertaining to MIB. I don't want to accidently leave out any part, so we'll skim over every episode. Some episodes don't have anything to do with him, so I'll skip past them.

If you are well versed in the bible, you'll know that on many occasions god made his presence known and helped man, however, Satan was ever-present among mortals throwing them off the righteous path with temptation.
In this theory i'm going use Smokey and MIB as the same entity. Pure evil...

SEASON 2. Oct 04-Late Nov 04
Shannon hears the whispers then sees Walt in the jungle. Later on in Season 2, Other Ms. Klugh of the Others asks Mike if he as ever seen Walt somewhere were he isn't supposed to be. As if Walt has the power of projection. Little do the Others know, its just MIB appearing at these characters for his own evil purposes. Shannon starts to go crazy.

Desmond asks Locke how many of his group has gotten sick. Later on we'll find out a few years back Kelvin told Desmond there's a sickness outside the hatch, and it's possible Desmond witnessed the "sickness" also. As we know from Robert, the "sickness" is the evil possession from MIB.

Jack and Locke watch the Orientation video. This doesn't have anything to do with MIB, however it's important to reiterate what Dr. Chang says in the video. "Not long after the experiments began however, there was an incident. Since that time, the following protocol has been observed. Every 108 minutes the button must be pushed. I'm afraid Faraday was wrong, and that the energy wasn't nuetralized, and that Miles was right, that what they did in 77, WAS the Incident, and ever since that time, the button must be pushed. After all, the name of the episode was "The Incident" I think after Juliet sets off the bomb, the Dharma ppl come back later and cement up the hole and build the Swan.

Sayid and Jack notice how they poured concrete all over. Sayid mentions that last time he heard of concrete being poured over everything in its way is Chernobyl. Another sign that what they did in 77, happened just the way it always happened.

Shannon sees Walt again in her tent. Just when she thinks she is ok, she starts to go nuts again, and what's even worse is Sayid doesn't believe her. Later on they make up, and Sayid says how he won't leave her. They embrace, then they hear the voices. They turn around and they both see Walt. Shannon starts running after Walt. Meanwhile Cindy dissappears from the Tailees group and the Tailees hear whispers. Everyone is scared and then Ana Lucia shoots Shannon. Just when the group is going to get back together and everyone will be happy evil strikes again. MIB revels in this sort of thing, anger and hatred, and evil looming in the air.

Next we see how the first 40 days for the Tailees have been and them being terrorized by the Others and their women and children getting kidnapped. Many innocent ppl were killed. All leading up to the meeting were Shannon is shot. It seems MIB's evil influence is more powerful then ever at this point.
Next we learn more about AnaLucia and that she has a lot of hatred in her heart, so it is easy for MIB to use her for his evil intentions.

Luckily for our heroes, a murderer, turned fake priest joins the group. Mr. Eko. While he isn't really a priest he has a penitent heart. He helps diffuse the situation in a civilized manner. The others join the rest of the group and all is well, accept for Sayid. Who is a changed man.

Kate is happy Sawyer is back. She didn't get a proper goodbye when he left the island at the end of Season 1 and she takes care of him. She is also manning the button. So she is the next target of MIB's. She sees a horse in the jungle. The same horse she sees in her past on the run. Is it possible MIB also appeared to her as the horse while on the run? Allowing her to escape? Sawyer seemingly wakes up, and chokes Kate and says "Why did you kill Me?" So Kate takes off into the jungle and the button almost doesn't get pushed. Is it possible that MIB wants the button to go unpushed? Is this MIBs goal? To get the Losties to find the Swan, and stop pushing the button? He seemingly lead Locke to the Swan, and now makes an attempt to stop the button from being pushed.

Claire tells Mr. Eko about the Charlies Mary statue. This peaks Ekos interest in the planes location. He gets Charlie to take him to the plane. On their trek, Mr. Eko sees smokey fly by. then smokey smashes out of the ground right in front Eko and confronts him. It scans Eko and sees portions of Ekos life then leaves. Eko sets the plane on fire, then tells Charlie he is a priest. He is sorry for what he did, and has a penitent heart.

Because Eko showed Claire the drugs, she kicks Charlie out of her little house and tells him to stay away. Charlie is upset and ashamed, and now is an easy target for temptation. He receives multiple visions about little Aaron being in danger. So he kidnaps the baby 2 diff times, and falls even farther out of the graces of the group. He swears he wasn't using, which I believe him, so he must be under the influence of MIB. Also he thinks the baby needs to be baptized. Eko tells Claire that they would be together after death if they are both baptized. This is possibly important because a psychic in Claires past tells her that the baby must not go to anyone else, and must stay with her. So Eko baptizes them. Lots of religious overtones here. More on Claire and Aaron later.

Sawyer develops a jealousy over the leadership of Jack and Locke. Getting help by an angry Charlie, he pulls off a con to take over control of the group. At the end of the episode, Sawyer confesses to Charlie that he isn't a good person and has never done a good thing in his life. Not too important to the overall story, but still the constant fighting and jealousy by Sawyer, and anger by Charlie must be music to MIB's ears.

Danielle shows up to tell Sayid she captured an Other. She knows this because its Ben, who kidnapped her child, altho Sayid doesn't know this. Sayid does believe her tho, as his hatred for the enemy overwhelms him. Sayid beats the captive. Jack wants to give the captive the benefit of the doubt tho. Sayid also asks Charlie if he has forgotten what the others did to him. Much hatred is in his heart.

Aaron is up crying one night and Danielle shows up telling Claire the baby must be "infected" Claire decides to trek for medicine. Not a big deal, she doesn't find medicine, but she does tell Danielle that she remembers a teenage girl(Alex) who helped save her and that she wasn't like the others and that she was good. Meanwhile Eko feels he needs the captive to know that he is back on the righteous path now, and that he regrets his actions. He asks him for his forgiveness. Ben asks him why, and Eko tells him he needed to tell someone. I don't think it mattered who he told, but the fact that he said it to someone aloud maybe did. More on Eko later.
Also at the end of the episode, Ben has a way to be very manipulative and gets what he wants. In this case he starts up trouble by mentioning how Jack bosses Locke around and ticks Locke off. As we know Ben is going to become jealous of Locke down the road.

Ben will toy with our heroes for the next couple episodes until they find out he is lieing and he isn't Henry Gale. Meanwhile, there was a lockdown in the hatch, and a food pallet was dropped. New food means Hurley's insecurities about food and weight start to get the better of him, and he starts seeing his old make-believe friend he had in the loony bin. Only this time, it isn't Hurley manifesting him, it is the work of MIB. By the end of the episode, MIB has Hurley ready to plunge off a cliff to his death. Only his close friendship with Libby saves him. Notice MIB has been tempting alot of our heroes, while he's had minor success, (Boone, Shannon), he's also failed, with Jack and Hurley. Neither Jack or Hurley are inherently evil, maybe thats why Jack wasn't on Jacob's, err, MIB's list. At the end of the episode we see Libby was also in the Loony bin with Hurley. Hopefully we'll get more about her story in Season 6. I'm crossing my fingers.

Next Bernard finds out Rose is cancer-free on the island. Rose AND Locke are healed. If it was just Locke, maybe i'd say MIB or Jacob did it, but since its Rose also, it must just be island healing power. Altho I think MIB took Lockes legs away in Season 1.

Ben attacks Ana and almost kills her if it wasn't for Locke stepping in. Locke asks Ben why he didn't kill him, and he tells him he's one of the good ones. Altho Ben doesn't know it, he's getting all his information from MIB, not Jacob.

Anas rage is going to take over her and she wants to kill Ben. Luckily for her Micheal is going to do it for her, then kill her too.

Next MIB gives Eko a vision in a dream. He appears as Ana and says you must help John. Then he finds himself in the Swan, and Yemi tells him to help John by taking him to the question mark.
According to Lockes map he drew from the invisible map, thats the same location as the drug plane. Once they get there, John has a dream of Eko climbing after Yemi up the cliffside. John wakes up and sends Eko up the cliff, and he see the Question mark.
What is the meaning of these dreams? Does MIB want someone to stop pushing the button? If the vision wants Eko to have Locke take him to the Question Mark, MIB wants Locke to see the Pearl, lose faith in the Swan, and stop pushing the button. Which happens perfectly.

However, Eko takes over the pushing of the button instead, which he will pay for later. Locke is upset and gets some help after he learns Desmond arrives. Locke decides to stop pushing the button for himself, Guess who shows up and saves the day by pressing the failsafe? Desmond.

Again, the interpretation of these visions seems that MIB wants Locke to see the Pearl, and lose faith in pushing the button. We know MIB wants to kill Jacob, and that is probably his #1 goal, above all else. Perhaps MIB's thinks he can achieve that by whatever happens when the button stops being pushed. This would coincide with MIB's attempts to get Locke to the Swan in Season 1. And when Boone became a nuisance, he gave Locke the vision that led to Boone dieing. Locke and Eko are easily fooled. I bet you couldn't give Jack visions with this nonsense. He would just shake them off.

And what about Desmond? and the things Ms. Hawking told him? Did she help the side of good and Jacob and place Desmond on the path he needed to be on to turn the failsafe? More on that in Part 3. What about Malkin, the fake psychic who turned out to know things about Claires life in her flashback? And what about his daughter who almost died drowning in Eko's flashback and knew things about Ekos life and Yemi? She said, "I saw him when I was -- between places. He said that you would come and see me. He said that even though you were pretending, you're a good man.
He wants you to know that he will see you soon. He said that even though you don't have faith in yourself, that he has faith in you." Spooky...

Notice in Season 2 MIB is pulling out all the stops.. giving even more vivid visions and orders in dreams. His plan is in motion.

Stay tuned tomorrow for MIB has been pulling the strings for a number of years. Part 3 of 5 :)

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