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I may have missed this in other postings, so excuse me if this was addressed at an earlier time. My theories have to do with the period right after Desmond turns the failsafe key. In that episode, Desmond turns the key as a last resort and then there is alot of turmoil and then the hatch explodes and then Desmond is found naked in the jungle by Hurley.

1) If the Losties and previously the others had to push a button every 108 minutes to prevent the hatch from exploding(energy release), why is this not important after the explosion(containing the energy release from that point on). My Theory on this is that the failsafe key triggers an explosion similar to the one the 70's Losties detonated at the end of season 5. I think that once the explosion occurs, then there is a longer period of time that is allowed before the energy buildup takes place again. I think that the first incident was the 70's losties detonating the bomb and the people that remained saw that this was a good failsafe in case of another energy buildup. If the first explosion was the equivelant of the Desmond Failsafe explosion, then the island isn't destroyed back in the 70's. The island is fine and the only person that goes back in time via memories is Juliet.

2) Desmond was in the jungle naked. My theory on this is that for some reason, that Desmond after the explosion was in the jungle originally clothed, but in clothes that were from another time period. In order to keep him or someone else from seeing that clothing and get suspicious, someone took his clothes off.

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