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Jacob vs That other guy by jaddddd1

In The Incident, Jacob touches the following people: Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Sawyer, Jack, Jin, Sun, and Hurley. Why? That other guy seems to have been using the dead and possibly the smoke monster to manipulate people. Jacob touched each of them to counteract that other guy's loophole.

Kate - Kate's horse appeared on the island, and she has a dream where Claire warns her not to bring Aaron, who Kate "stole", back to the island - Jacob helps Kate after she steals a lunch box

Sawyer - Anthony Cooper magically appeared on the island - Jacob hands Sawyer a pen after Cooper caused his parents' death

Sayid - Sayid previously believed Nadia was dead - Jacob talks to him just as Nadia actually dies - Sayid shoots Ben - Jacob's meeting with Sayid leads to Sayid working for Ben as a killer

Jack - Saw Christian, his dead father, both on and off the island - Jacob goes to see him right after Jack talks to his father

Jin and Sun - Sun interacts with both Christian Shephard and dead Locke while she is in search of reuniting with Jin - Jacobs tells Sun and Jin not to take their love for granted at their wedding

Hurley - Hurley was visited by Charlie, Eko, Libby - Jacob leaves Hurley with what could be Charlie's guitar case, maybe something of Eko and Libby's is in there

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