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Let me just start off by saying that NOTHING in Lost can or should ever be assumed to have happened if we didn't actually see it happen. By that I mean, what characters say, describe, tell other characters can be interpreted differently, a deception on their part, or misunderstanding that is spread the way they each experience events as per their own point of view.

One example out of hundreds I'm talking about, is when Locke tells Jack that when he saw the Monster "it was beautiful" this could be many different things happening at once. He could be lying, misunderstood in what he saw, interpreted differently because of Locke's specific circumstances. My basic point is that the differences in each character from one another can only widen each person's objective, perspective, and thoughts creating the main reason we can’t believe anything we don’t see happen first hand.

Now on to my theory:
When the Man in Black (MIB) tells Jacob "one of these days I'm going to find a loophole" then later "you have no idea what I've gone through to get here" he really means it. If the ship we saw in Season 5 finale was the Black Rock, then that puts them around 1845 when that conversation took place - about 160 years before their meeting in the statue.

These are the scenes in which I believe MIB = Smokey = someone of great influence to the person being confronted.

First season, the Monster appears to Locke what he called “beautiful” allowing him to trust in the power of the island and believe that he was destined to be there, leading to his persistent defense of the island, and belief in anything he heard, leading to his own death, then being brought back to the island, and his body is taken over by Flocke.

Season 2, Monster appears as Walt, led Shannon into the jungle, got her shot, got Sayid angry and led to his hatred of the island, which led to his hatred of Ben, then shot Ben as a child in the 1970’s, Ben was saved in the Temple and became an Other, followed and believed in Jacob, never got a response from Jacob, resented Jacob, killed Jacob.

Season 3, Monster appeared as Walt after John was shot by Ben. Walt told John to get up and had work to do, he believes more now in destiny, becomes leader over the Others, starts believing more in the island and whatever he’s told to do, is told by Richard he needs to die, who was told that by future Flocke, goes down the well, leaves the island, attempts suicide, is killed willfully by Ben, is brought back to the island, is taken over by the MIB/Monster, manipulates Ben into killing Jacob willfully.

Monster appears as Alex, tells Ben to do what “Locke” says, Ben kills Jacob.

Monster appears as Christian, leads Jack to believe in destiny, which is what pushes him to bring everyone back to the island like he’s told including dead Locke, Locke gets back to the island, is taken over by MIB/Smoke Monster, manipulates Ben into killing Jacob.

The one that really sticks out is the only scene where Richard looks like he would were he in his own time. Let’s also just hypothesize Richard’s story while we’re at it.

My guess is as good as any, but: Richard was aboard the Black Rock when it set sail in 1845, captain or not he was on the ship. They landed on the island, and in disgust MIB/Smoke Monster kills everyone who gets off, but for some reason decided that Richard is worth saving for his master plan/loophole in order to find a suitable person to willingly kill Jacob(eventually finding Ben in the 1970’s). Everything has to be in place for his plan to happen.

Richard with long hair is actually the MIB taking over his body in the form in which he died, thus long hair, dressed the way he was. Richard with short hair is his reincarnated body after going to the Temple, and being “changed”, similar to Ben after he was shot by Sayid. This isn’t to assume that Ben is now immortal, this is just showing parallelism and a clarified reason he looks the way he does when he does.

Now back to the Monster Incarnate scene that sticks out in my mind, Richard with long hair (assume he is MIB in disguise) tells Ben that if he wants to join the others he has to be very patient, he eventually is filled up with so much hatred that he organizes the mass murder of all Dharma members including his father, leading him to seek a father figure in Jacob, who never responds to his requests to see him, leading him to get filled up with more hatred, and eventually MIB/Flocke gets him to willingly murder Jacob.

I'd be willing to venture a guess that every time we see either a dead person walking around the island, or just someone who is known to be off island when they're seen walking around on the island, is MIB/Smokey in some way shaping and molding the sequence of events necessary to complete the loophole.

This really is long and exhausting to think about every significant scene, of which I’ve probably left out plenty, but these scenes where the Smoke Monster appears as another person leads me to see crystal-clearly that it is MIB, as every one of these scenes has led to the events at the end of Season 5.

So when Flocke tells Jacob that he has no idea what he had to go through, he really means it. Every single thing we’ve seen had to have gone the way it happened for the events to have transpired the way they did.

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