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After recently re-watching the 4th and 5th seasons, a few things stuck out at me...

These aren't issues that I will lose sleep over, and they're not about ALT realities or restarts, etc. Just some things that have been bothering me, dealing with Charlotte, Christian, Ray Shepard, and my personal favorite, Desmond...

In season 5, when the folks on island were flashing around, Charlotte is experiencing her mind flashbacks or what have you. She said she couldn't remember her mothers maiden name. I found this comment very odd and out of place. The only reason I can think that this line was used was because we've already met/ know of/ will meet very soon, Charlotte's mother. Now I have no clue who this woman could be, and I'm assuming its not ms. Hawking, because the writers wouldn't use incest in the show, at least I hope not. From what I can remember, in DHARMA days, we heard Charlotte's mom's voice, and it was British, but I could be mistaken.

Another thing that has been bothering me is the episode where Sun tells Ben that she and Frank met Christian. Ben's eyes get wide and he has a surprised look on his face. I believe that this is the evidence that we've been looking for to support the theory that Christian was an other/ DHARMA member at some point. Also, I believe we will see or hear of Christian's dad, Ray, again. The whole scene felt very awkward and forced to me, and it didn't belong in the episode. Plus, to me the actor who played ray, Raymond J. Barry, is too recognizable (kind of like Doug Hutchison, who plays Horace) to only be in a scene that's 90 seconds long and then never referred to again. I'm guessing Jack is the third (if not more) generation of Shepard to be on the island.

One more item. It's always bothered me how we know nothing of Desmond's family. Every other main character we know at least something about a relative of theirs (we finally got a little taste of Sayid's family this past season). When he's interviewing for a job with Widmore in Flashes Before Your Eyes, he gets cut off right before he explains what happened to his dad and why he had to raise his brothers. Because of the fact that fathers and sons are an all important issue on the show, I'm hoping we'll have some light shed on this matter.

Please leave some thoughts or comments, I'm interested in what you guys think. Thanks

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