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MIB Healed Locke? by dylansdad

My theory based on what we have seen so far--MIB has healing powers, just like Jacob. MIB healed Locke's paralysis upon his arrival on the Island after the crash.

MIB's plan involved manipulating events so that Locke would assume leadership of the Others (ultimately allowing MIB to take his place) while simultaneously sowing seeds of doubt, jealousy and bitterness in Ben (the true leader). For his plan to work, he needed (1) to get Richard Alpert to a point where he trusts and obeys and supports Locke, (2) to get Locke believing that he is special and has an important destiny on the Island, and (3) to get Ben jealous and bitter enough to kill Jacob.

Through his interactions in the past (flashes), MIB predisposes Richard Alpert to believe that Locke is destined to be the new leader, so Alpert treats him accordingly following the crash--giving him information about Sawyer, etc. If MIB heals Locke upon his arrival on the Island, Alpert will see it as further evidence of his special status and destiny, and probably assume that this was Jacob's will.

By healing Locke, MIB causes Locke to believe that he is special and that the Island has plans for him. (If MIB is indeed the Smoke Monster, it is no wonder that Smokey revealed himself to Locke as something beautiful. It was part of the manipulation.) A healed and misguided Locke is ready to play right into the hands of MIB and pursue his "destiny."

Also, MIB's healing of Locke would set into motion the chain of events that leads to Ben's loss of leadership and his doubt and bitterness regarding Jacob.

If MIB does indeed have healing powers, then healing Locke would be a critical step in his ultimate plan, manipulating the three critical players toward their parts in his plan.

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