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Light & Dark Worlds Theory by Frankie

I've become more open to the idea of a reset possibly occuring...At first this baffled me, as I had so completely swallowed the 'whatever happened, happened' thing. I was completely bent on you can only have fate, you can't have parallel worlds as well.

However eventually I came up with a theory that allows both of Faradays theories to co-exist, even though they are apparently contradictory.

Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are the variables. Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Faraday and Jin are not. SJMJF were destined to go back and live in Dharma, that always happened. JKHS however, were not supposed to be there. Just like Sawyer said, they ruined everything they had there.

Somehow... Ajira pierced that loop, and JKHS were able to infiltrate it.


When Desmond relived a day in his past, he changed minor things. Only slight, minor things, that ultimately changed nothing. The universe course corrected everything. But what if you were to blow the timeline off at such a skew, it would take decades to fix?

I think that SOMEHOW, I don't claim to know how, Ajira pierced the time-loop and JKHS blew the timeframe off at a skew. Oceanic will land, but course correction will lead them back to the island.


Sun, Lockes body and Frank landed on the island. Eventually, the variables will come back to the island as well and both timelines will converge.

A major theme in the show is light and darkness, and my theory is that the island is the centrepoint for these two worlds.

I don't really know how or why these two worlds exist, but it means that there's two alternative scenarios for each pivotal event in the islands history...


This is just an attempt of mine at making sense of things. :P

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