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It will happen again & Adam and Eve by Rick A.

Hello, here is my theory:

It will happen again

Remember Charlie, who met Hurley in the mental hospital? He was dead and not dead (That was what he said). I think this is literally true. Because of two timelines. In the first timeline Oceanic 815 crashed and latter on Charlie died. But now after blowing the H-Bomb Charlie and everyone on Oceanic 815 lands safe and sound in LA.

I think, somehow, the worlds of the oceanic 6 and the alternate timeline are the same, or at least they collide every once in a while.

Now lets get to a crucial point: Locke.

Locke is dead. Oh, yeah he´s very dead. And dead is dead as we know. The smoke monster/MIB only took the image of Locke as a disguise or a pawn. But what if Locke from the alternate timeline somehow comes back to the island in 2007. And lives. If Locke comes back, it will look like a wonder to everyone. A religious experience. But it will only be a nice magic trick.
Maybe even Jack will believe in Locke and they will be finally ready to fight a war together against MIB.

Don´t ask me how they will come back. But via plane would be very lame. Maybe via boat. But of course through course-correction.

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