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The Others and Smokey by Ricardus Alpert

I felt a need to address The Others' relationship to Smokey, which I admit has surprised me. Initially, for some reason, I always believed that The Others were either in control or cooperating with Smokey. I thought Juliet was either lying to Kate in S3, or simply didn't know about it. After all, since The Others are the island's defenders, it seemed to make sense that its secuirty system would be working with them. Then "The Shape Of Things To Come" came around, and I was more convinced than ever that Smokey is The Others' ultimate weapon.

But after S5, that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

The Others are TERRIFIED of Smokey. I'm not sure how much they know about it, but after thinking about the ritual of burning Colleen's body I've realized it would only make sense if it was done out of fear. A dark force has been taking the forms of their deceased loved ones, and it's a truly frightening experience for them.

Even the Shadow Of The Statue team seem to fear Smokey. They didn't dare to take on Flocke, and Bram said that they're up against "Something a hell of a lot scarier than what's in this box."

At this point, I don't think The Others are aware of the fact it's acting against Jacob. I think the only one that does know is Richard, who probably is the one that instructed his people to burn the bodies. I'm now convinced that Juliet and Ben were telling the truth, they don't know what it is, and don't even have a name for it.

I'd go as far to say Ben was lying in "Dead Is Dead", which is probably no surprise to anyone. I don't think any of The Others would willingly let themselves be "Judged" by Smokey. The idea is practically suicidal. He was bullshitting Flocke at first, but when he seemed to realize that he had no chance at re-gaining his leadership position with "Locke" alive, he was such a broken mess that verged on a suicidal state of mind. The terrified look on Ben's face suggests that no one has ever intentionally sought Smokey out.

What of the summoning, then?

That's a bit more complex. I'd say that in "The Shape of Things To Come", Smokey/ MIB simply couldn't let Locke die yet, and knew that the mercenaries wouldn't have spared anyone but Ben. So it had to intervene for his plan to work. I also think that for some reason, Jacob is purposely making his people think Smokey is a Guardian on their side, because he wants them to make their own choices when choosing to side with either himself or Smokey/ MIB. After all, The Others do seem to be an experiment of his.

Another possibility that I see is that for some reason, MIB is FORCED to serve Jacob. Which means that he HAS to guard the Temple, and appear when he's summoned. It's not something that he does willingly.

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