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This is in a way part 2 to a theory I wrote a little while ago called Lift It Up. This theory relates to that one and also is written having just read Ralph’s theory “There is ONLY Desmond…Man out of time

Ralph wrote a very insightful theory about why Desmond is uniquely special. I like the theory and it's a great explanation for why Desmond is special. Ralph said that he thinks Desmond is the same in any timeline no matter how different the timeline is. I think this goes some way to explain why Des seemed to be able to see the future or maybe he can see all possible alternative timelines. Actually I think he might have just seen the alternate timeline before but hey, who knows? I don't think that he is the only one who has this ability though. I think the real reason Des is uniquely special is not quite what we have been led to believe.

The way that Desmond was exposed to the electromagnetism, as Ralph describes, made him the same Desmond in any alternate universe/timeline. BUT I think that turning the wheel also gives a person that power. I think Ben and Locke have it and I think Eloise and Widmore also have the ability (because I think they have also turned the wheel). So when the wheel is turned the person jumps back in time just like Des does but they have the same memories of the last timeline. They are unchanged even if there are differences in the timeline which should make that person different.

The real reason I think Des is special is because he didn't turn the wheel he got the ability another way and no one knows that he has this ability. No one on the other side of the war at least.

Ben, who knew EVERYTHING apparently, did not know about Desmond's boat. I think that Des going to the island was a plan by Widmore and Eloise. I think that they set him up to go on the boat race. It was far too convenient that Widmore was offering Desmond money to stay away from Penny when he was also offering prize money in a boat race. Des refused but vowed to raise the money to look after her anyway. At the same time as trying to earn money to support Penny with his intent to win the race, he would be able to prove to Widmore that he was a worthy son in law, he had integrity and determination. Of course we all know that the boat race was sponsored by Charles Widmore's foundation. It all just seems too convenient to me.

Then we have the apparently accidental meeting with Libby who just coincidentally had a boat that she would just give Des so that he could enter the boat. Then we’ve also got Eloise persuading Des not to propose to Penny when he got the opportunity to change his past in the ring shop. It's all a plan in my opinion to get Desmond to the island as an inside man. Faraday was also in the plan. I think that Eloise and Faraday used the diary that has been passed back in time to give them information that they could use for the next iteration of time. Why did Faraday tell Desmond to find his mother, Eloise? When Desmond gets to the Lamp Post and he tells Eloise that her son told him to find her and to tell her that she needs to help, all she says in reply is, “I am helping, dear”. This seemed rather pointless so I wonder if there was a timeline when Des coming to see Eloise was important. It might be something to do with what happened after Des was shot by Ben that we’ve no! t seen yet, of course, but maybe not.

Timeline 1. Faraday runs past the entrance to the Swan and doesn't knock on the door to the hatch and doesn’t meet Desmond. Later he discovers that Desmond is exposed to electromagnetism and has the ability to go to the past. He makes a note of this in his diary. Then the flashes happen and they end up in the past, in the 70’s and the diary perhaps falls into the hands of young Eloise. She now has a diary which details events of the future and can hatch a plan to change the future. When the diary is given to young Daniel again it is now full and he may add to it. He may have been given the full one instead of the empty one he was given in timeline one. Maybe he gets both a new one and a filled one, who knows. Armed with this information Daniel this time decides to knock on the door and meet Desmond and then he tells him to look for his mother, Eloise. A memory which arrived with Des years later. Not in 2004 as we might think but in 2007, which I remember discussing onlin! e that this date seemed odd after we’d watched that episode. Perhaps he gets that memory at the end of the loop? A loop from when Eloise originally turned the wheel perhaps? He should get the memory in 2004 surely when Ben turned the wheel but I think that when Ben turned the wheel he started the loop again, a loop which is started every time someone turns the wheel and sends the island back in time… Anyway Des then goes to seek out Eloise and arrives at the Lamp Post but the message he gives her seems not to be relevant to her. Hence her comment, “I am helping, dear”.

Therefore I think that whoever turns the wheel is also exposed to electromagnetism just like Des was. I think that the Others know that time is being replayed over and over. (Think about Ben’s comment to Richard about celebrating Birthdays.) I think they know that turning the wheel does this and that the person turning it has knowledge like what we’ve learned that Desmond has. I think the loops we think we are watching in Lost are created by them turning the wheel and resetting time. Alternative timelines are not caused by the incident alone but by a release of electromagnetism which resets time. Widmore did it and that’s how he went off island and had an affair. Eloise did and then Ben and finally Locke. The others don’t know about Desmond though, they don’t even know that he’s on the island and that’s why he is uniquely special. Desmond can come back to the island with knowledge of the future which may not have an end point. Ben will only know the future up t! o the point in time when he turned the wheel. Just like Eloise doesn’t know what’s coming next.

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