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Ever wondered how the upper floors of the Orchid got blown up?

I have and I think there could be one of two explainations.

1)When Daniel blew up the core of Jughead the "...energy pocket under the Swan and the bomb blast neutralize each other. But the energy pocket is not completely neutralized, it is just staved off long enough for DHARMA to pour in some concrete, slap an electromagnet on top of it, and rig up the rest of Jughead as a failsafe..." (That's a quote of what a poster called Nick said) ...then there was also an impact at the other drill point at the Orchid (the one where the other incident was overted) and the top floors of the Orchid were demolished...OR

2) There was an incident at the Orchid in one possible timeline where Chang and his guys did not overt the incident and the top floors were blown up.

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