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Bens Quote in one of the episodes.

Now why cant he return? And Also i assume this would also apply to Locke.

So we currently have 2 Lockes. A dead one and one very much alive. I have 2 theories on this one. When the 06ers flashed back to the 70s they ultimatly became the variables as Faraday said.

Ben was shot by Sayid and alot of people have said that Ben would have rememebered the man who shot him. My theory is that when Ben turned the Wheel he set off the chain of events that ultimatly led up to the 06ers going back in time. Ben was shot and taken to the temple and thats the last we saw of him. I believe he is still there when they return back to the island in the future. A doppleganger so to speak. This doppleganger is held in the temple. This would make sense about the "what about you" comment from Jacob as i believe the doppleganger Ben will now be "special".

This in turn will ultimatly have our Ben killed as i dont think they would show both at the same time and a big reveal will show a special Ben.

The island we will be seeing is the ALT timeline and the WHH timeline Merged into one new timeline. So the reason some of the 06ers went back in time was because they are already there on the island in the future. The "theyre Coming" comment from Jacob will see the sky turn purple again (yes even at nighttime)and the pasties will emerge from the temple.

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