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First of all, I want to say sorry if this theory has already been posted. Secondly, I want to apologise if I make some grammar mistakes, but the thing is that English is not my first language. Having said that, let's start.

I was reading the Answers section of this great site, going through all the things I thought I knew, until I came up with something that didn't make sense to me:
the question was: Why Sayid was being taken to Guam?

And the answer was something like: One of his victim's family hired somebody (Ilana) to take him there, for some kind of revenge or judgement.

This is what, in some point, the show told us, even though later we learn that this is not true. And this started my mind's engine:

- They made us believe that the MIB loophole to kill Jacob consisted in making Ben miserable, full of resentment, so that he would kill Jacob. But... The key point in Ben's miserable life was being shot by Sayid. That way, young Ben was taken to the Others in order to be healed, and he became one of them.
So, to be able to shoot young Ben, he had to return to the Island. And he returned to the Island because Ilana captured him and took him there.
But later we learn Ilana works for Jacob, not MIB.

So it was Jacob who is responsible of Sayid's return; therefore, he is responsible, in a way, of Young Ben being shot.
So it seems to me that the loophole is more Jacob's plan than MIB's.

¿What do you think?

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