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We all remember that line that Ben utters about their being the magical box, and it being able to bring anything you want to life (to the island).

So is that possible, for thoughts to become reality?

There are certainly lot's of examples of this idea in literature and myths.

So let's take it as read for th moment that this is possible and that it's the island that makes it so (perhaps something in the Temple). Everyone getting whatever they want could and probably would end in disaster, so there would have to be a way to control the process.

A man could be corrupted with that level of power, so I would suspect something else - The smoke monster. It assesses, removes threats and what not.

So maybe if you're worthy you can get what you desire. Ben doesn't seem too worthy, so not sure if he every got anything brought directly.

Also, maybe it's not bringing what you want, but rather what you need. Maybe it's to do with Jacob bringing people to the island, maybe he's the smoke monster.

So conculsion from part 1 of my theory is that jacob is the smoke monster and that he has the ability to draw anything he wants to the island.

Part 2 of my theory will relate to Richard and Boone and why I think they've both vital.

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