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Inspirations for Lost by Don't Tell Me

I always try to look for some possible inspirations for Lost and one can always talk about the usual suspects: Star Wars, Myst, Stephen King, and some others. But, I think I stumbled onto something a little deeper that might have influences on the creation, and of course, the last upcoming season of our favorite show.

It is my belief that Lost is based on the eternal return, a religious/spiritual/universal belief that we have lived and died before and will continue to live over and over again for infinity. This concept has its first roots in Egypt - interesting. The most famous philosopher to speak on the matter is the raving lunatic, and possible Nazi affiliate named Friedrich Nietzche. He is a great wikipedia read.

He believed that to believe in eternal return is to be at one with the universe - this was the affirmation of life. Nietzche said time is a cycle and it cannot be broken. He also said that he rejects any belief in the Christian god and any other man made structured religion. He said that these types of belief systems are how "we killed god."

Now bare with me. My first inclination after reading up on this belief and Nietzche was to think Darlton used this information as inspiration for the secrets of the island in a good way. But, after more research I find that this is Darlton's inspiration for the Man in Black. The eternal return and the ourobouros that Mrs. Hawking wears are evil. Evil in the sense that it does not include the Variables. People and Free Will = The Variables.

All of Lost is based on 2 sides. Black vs. White, Light vs. Dark, Fate vs. Free Will. Remember what Jacob says to Ben with the knife - "You still have a choice." This is nothing that Nietzche would ever say. He believed in nihilism - the idea that there is no higher power or reason for anything that happens in the world. It's all just random, no meaning what so ever. Very anti-John Locke. Nietzche also was against another major philosopher who was his polar opposite a generation before. That was Immanuel Kant. He was very John Lockeish - the real John Locke that is, from Enlightenment. All people are naturally good and that people need to adapt and change in order to survive.

By the way, if Jacob is a God, Ben killed him, just like Nietzche said people would. My theory is that Nietzche and many others who feel the way he does about society and people and religion is the basic backdrop to the Man in Black. In addition, my theory says that Widmore and Mrs. Hawking are for sure bad and evil. Everything they do is to make sure that things go according to plans. Hawking let her own son walk into the bullet she shot. She says how people are meant to do things - like Desmond, destined to be on the island. Widmore hires people like Abbadon who "helps people get to places."

Jacob and who ever else is good want to change things. Choice, free will are the human condition and Jacob is open to that. MIB seems to know how everything will play out. They come, they destroy, etc. Jacob says progress. The word progress means change. Change is the overall theme of Lost and here is what we should expect for season 6.

First off, the Oceanic flight 815 survivors are the Variables needed to make real change. They were hand chosen, some by MIB and others by Jacob. Jacob will also use people like John Locke. Originally chosen by MIB to help him with his loophole. But remember, Jacob touched Locke too - when he fell out of the window. Jack is the true chosen one, because he never quits. He will do what he believes no matter what. How this will play out exactly I don't know, but he is becoming a believer now and that will make all the difference.

I hope this theory can create some discussion. Wikipedia people like Kant and Nietzche and comment. I am open to ideas, hopes this starts more theories.

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