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The Islands make up by kbloom8808

I think it is a social experiment, If it is about brining humanity together in some way ,or trying to figure out a possible new order of government, That better accommodates humanity, and to avoid some can of destruction . If you read about Maslow and his philosophy, Food and shelter are the first of our basic needs that we seek to acquirer, when we do that then we move on to others, and then down the line, but, the more needs we find, the more we feel we need, the snow ball rolling down the hill analogy.

But all these wants we have as humans is what pulls us down (like a drug#. so say this is a social experiment, the best way to focus on social order would be to provide the basic needs and then place elements of fear so as to force together social groups, which we see many different examples of on the island. All the time they change and are all trying to figure out which person to follow, The more powerful soci! al order on the island is the one we see that possibly becomes the new leader. or has become the leader. Why do i think its a social experiment?, the island its self is an example of social order, they are all candidates for social rule, the island holds many temples, from large stone structures to the most primitive, a home #the cabin#. the island possibly a representation of the place most of society can not get to, and that is social leadership, or government. and the buildings that houses those leaders,#to us a kind of island), but go under that to which holds up this government, is scientific and religious elements, then below that ,to where ben went to be judged, society!, Or the monster,this is the manifest of society to those on the island, and to whom they become ultimately judged by , SOCIETY, to a leader this would be a fearful place to be,hence the monster. the place that this monster came from if you look at it, is much like a primitive voting box,the old punch! card kinda thing,that which society uses to judge rulers, and! vote in or out, according to their actions.

The losties and everyone on the island are, what i think, leaders to their particular social order, and some groups on the island bring with them the next under them, still above society and subject to their judgement.

other points: possibly the electromagnetic energy that affects them is in a way the will of the people, from time to time move these leaders in different direction, the gravity of the social will if i may, the pushing of the button or turning of the key, represents the calming of society, and the gravity of their will. that threatens their destruction and the island.

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