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This is not Fan Fiction, even if it seems to read that way. I just wanted to write my theory in narrative form since it involves some faux history.

We were told by Eloise that the island moves. So, where else besides the South Pacific has it resided?
Locke and Ben, the polar bear ended up in the Tunisian desert once the donkey wheel was moved. Maybe that’s a good place to start.
Tunisia is next to Libya a nation that Ramesses II conquered. Why is Ramesses II important? Well if you go based on references, check out the poem by Horace Smith on this link, http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Shadow_of_the_Statue. Ozymandias is mentioned, which is another name for Ramesses II. If you go along with the Biblical references on Lost, then you might be interested in the notion that historians think this is the Ramesses from the Exodus account (hmm, another Lost reference…)

What if the island landed in Tunisia during the reign of Ramesses II?

The temple, the statue and other constructions were built on the island at his order by the Egyptians and the slaves of the Egyptians.
The only “lifeform” the Egyptians found on the island was the smoke monster
so they built the temple for it. The Egyptians attempt to live on the island was stopped by the inability of women to give birth on it, which prompted them to build the statue, which is of an Egyptian goddess of fertility, yet the way it is depicted on Lost it could spell out infertility.

The island leaves Tunisia at some point and settles in the South Pacific.

The first generation of Others are people who searched for the island, hearing of it as only a myth. They are caught in a storm and end up on the island.

They discover the ruins and the smoke monster deems them worthy of staying on the island.
People start arriving on the island at regular intervals by accident and the smoke monster begins to decide who belongs and who doesn’t
The US Army, during the first battle in Tunisia in WWII, retreated into Egypt (historically accurate, check out Tunisia on wikipedia, it’s referenced).

A group of deserters were told the story of the island and when they were caught traded what they knew of the power sources on the island for acquittal (this part, obviously, is for the sake of this theory).

The US Army begins searching for the island and finds it in 1954, but is killed by the Others, now led by Richard Alpert.
Jughead is left on the island, and through the island flashes, which always impacted island history (IMO), it was placed underground.

Alver Hanso was part of the group who supplied munitions for the mission, in fact he created Jughead. Alver’s interest in helping the army find the island was fueled by his knowledge of his greatgrandfather Magnus Hanso finding the island when he was commander of the Black Rock.
The Black Rock Ledger was sent to Magnus Hanso’s family after its discovery in 1852 and was passed down to Alver.
Since Alver’s “disappearance”, his family auctioned some of his belongings. Tovard, his grandson left the Ledger with Southfields where Widmore purchased it.

Widmore is the descendant of the one man who made it off the island, or who never went on the island, from the Black Rock Crew. In the mid- 1950’s, an ad was placed in American and British newspapers. It called for 16- 23 year olds looking for work and adventure. This ad had been running since the 1920s (Widmore mentions this timeframe when he speaks to Locke in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”).

Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking were persuaded to answer the ad through a series of unusual events (similar persuasions: Bram and Miles, Claire and Malkin, Hawking and Desmond)
Once on the island, Charles learns from Richard Alpert that he is the descendant of Magnus Hanso. The man who escaped the island with the Ledger was Magnus’ son.

Ellie learns that she is the descendant of The Benson’s, founding family of Apollo Candy Company (part of Lost Experience). Both Ellie and Widmore were conceived illegitimately. Once Ellie leaves the island to give birth to Daniel, she begins working for the Apollo Company, which is now owned by Hanso. The Company is of course a front and she is not making chocolate, but is still doing work that relates to the island.
Throughout his time on the island, Widmore has taken trips off island, to claim his rightful inheritance, and starts to establish his business empire, which he goes back to once he is banished.

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