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The island,and smokey by kbloom8808

ok if you read the book the force,it explains to you how the gravity of human thought,when they come together in a collective connection, to which has been proven scientifically, that it can affect an out come of events, general will, if you will,lol, a gravity of thought,like on the island and its magnetic field. the very thing in of its self that threatens the island,(being society). and its leaders. a collective consciousness of people has an electromagnetic property, that can and does effect things and people.this has been measured by scientist in your every day life around you though you don't know about it,you can find more in the book The Force.

And a little tid bit for thought, cant remember where i read it but goes some what like this, this has to do with smokey, and why they on the island see it as a monster,because for leaders the scarcest thing for them would to be to face the public, which to them has no face or form , but can harm them and ultimately controls their fate. When the chief of an Indian tribe stood at the shore of the ocean and speaking to others in his tribe, when they had noticed the waves breaking in the distance, what would do this , why does the water act in such a way, the tribes men asked of their chief, you see the waves were not breaking in uniformity relative to all the others, perplexed at what they saw could not see the reality that was before them. for this unrecognizable thing to which they were viewing was a ship, from England ,landing in the new world. to them this ship was something they could not fathom, so refused to see it, but what was recognizable to them was the effects of t! his ship breaking through the waves ,this they could believe because it was something they had been accustomed to from life and life experience, but a ship that size was not something they could wrap their minds around, so it became invisible to them. or a monster so scary that none would want to deal with it.

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