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So some of you may have noticed that a lot of Course Correction theories have recently popped up, and maybe you also noticed, that I have a lot to say about this subject, as seen in my comments to the aforementioned theories.

But since some of you guys and gals don't read comments, I figured I should compile some of those comments into a full blown theory/explanation. So here you go:

There was a statement made by Damon and Carlton during the commentary of The Constant on the Season 4 dvd's. That statement was an answer to an idea brought up in theories posed after Flashes Before Your Eyes, and before the making of that particular commentary (that we are witnessing multiple versions of the same timeline). They stated that the "Lost Universe" is very paradox adverse, thus Course Correction.


... We now know two years later that people who are time-traveling can and have made certain changes. For instance Desmond while mind shifting into the future, changed Charlie's Fate and postponed his death several times, but one can say Course Correction won out in the end. But did it? More on that later. We also know that Daniel affected Desmond's future by making a free will decision to knock on the swan door, as we know, Des woke up in the future with a new memory.

So there are certain rules that "The Lost Universe" seems to follow, they are all immutable, but they are also somewhat contradictory.

Rule # 1: Free Will - It has been stressed all throughout this show;
BEN: "No Jack I want you to WANT to fix me."
JACOB: "Benjamin I want you to know it's your CHOICE, you can do as he says, or you can leave us to discuss our issues."
JACOB: Hugo I hope you'll get on that flight, but it is your CHOICE."
There are several other instances too, just too many to mention.

Rule # 2: No Paradoxes - This is straight from the horses mouth, and so far we've seen no paradoxes, except one involving the compass which isn't a universe destroying paradox, it's more of a Chicken/Egg paradox.

Rule # 3: Course Correction - Now this is the ambiguous rule and it really depends on what the writers have determined to stand on as there final endgame. One could say that Charlie's eventual death was course correction, and if you ask Desmond and Charlie they'll both agree, but I think this event was really Charlie exercising his FREE WILL to give his life for the safety of his friends, but it was misguided by the misinterpreted promise of Course Correction.( He could have escaped death easily had he wanted to)

Now to explain how and why Course Correction "Really" works and what the ramifications of this are:

Let's say that in you linear lifetime you make really bad decisions, well perhaps one of "Course Correction's" jobs is to help steer you onto the right path before it's too late, but Free will trumps course correction and so you can end up going all the way to the end of the wrong path.

Now imagine that your grandson from the future who knows all about your path of bad decisions, finds a way to travel back to the past, into your lifetime, and decides to try and better your life by becoming your best friend, and one of the things he discovers is that his Grandmother/your wife is one of these real bad decisions, now paradox says you cannot interfere with this or else you may not exist, but Free Will says you can do whatever you want to, because this is now your present. So you resign yourself to the fact that although you and the Grandpa you remember will never benefit from these changes, but this man who is now your best friend will benefit. So you help him, and coach him, and he ends up leaving his wife for a better woman, and lives a better life for it. But what happens to you? this is where course correction kicks in, to not only make Free Will happy, but to also accommodate the no paradox rule.

Course Correction's true job becomes to split the Timeline right at precisely the instant your Grandpa/Best friend decides to leave your Grandma, thus creating a new future for you the former grandson/now and forever best friend, and your buddy/former Grandpa, all the while preserving the timeline you originally came from so as not to cause the paradox of you just existing out of nowhere.

You can take the same ideas and put them to LOST.

Desmond's Future visions did happen, just not in the timeline we are following, Daniel created a new memory and a split when he knocked on the door, Jack and Company will create a new timeline that has 815 landing safely, because their free will caused a change that has paradoxical consequences if course correction doesn't accommodate the changes, by creating a new timeline.

So what does this mean for the show? Well, if I'm right, then there will be separate timelines. But why would we care about some other timeline that is totally separated from the one we know and love? Good question! Logic tells me that the writers will come up with a reason to make this ALT timeline worthy of our concern, and there are too many speculations to make about those particulars, so I'll spare you mine and let that be a activity for the comments section. But one thing is for sure, The Jack and Co. that have done all the work to "Fix" things, will live or die with the consequences of their meddling, and will not reap the benefits, but for their ALT counterparts...


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