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The Illusion of Course Correction by Marcus

I believe course correction is a phenomenon of perspective, created by the many world interpretation of the universe. It’s just another term for quantum suicide.

If we take Hawking at her word, then course correction is a theme on LOST. This implies that the LOST timeline has some degree of flexibility to it. The small details can be changed as long as the big picture remains the same. By big picture I mean the really important events, such as the hatch implosion. These events are so rare and massive in magnitude, they are sometimes called Black Swan Events (It’s no coincidence the hatch is named the Swan) Along the LOST timeline sits a certain number of these events, such as the incident, and the purge. They exist as sort of landmarks on the landscape of time, completely embedded into the fabric of reality. Any attempt by a time traveller to prevent one of these events from happening would be met with total failure. Course correction is the name given to the force responsible for the protection of these events. It seems to allow small, insignificant details to be changed, or deviated from, as long as these large events remain on t! rack.

What could this force possibly be though? It almost has intelligence. Examples include Desmond’s decision to marry Penny only to be cruelly struck in the face with a baseball bat. In Michael’s car crash, he survived an unrealistic impact velocity. Later in the episode his gun jams.

Can course correction achieve all these feats without breaking the local laws of physics? I would argue there is no course correction and all that’s happening is that the many worlds interpretation is creating an illusion of a force.

For example, you decide to time travel into the past and shoot Desmond before he can turn the fail safe key. You manage to get into the hatch, step over a wrecked Mr Eko and confront Desmond just as he’s about to pop down that hole. You momentarily struggle with Locke but quickly over power the old man and point the gun at Desmond’s head. Now, the moment you pull the trigger, the universe splits into two worlds, one where you succeed and kill Desmond, the other where you fail and the gun just clicks. In the world where you do succeed, you and everyone else die almost instantly, because the fabric of reality has been completely destroyed and that universe collapses to a single point. In the universe where you fail, the fabric of reality is maintained because that Black Swan event is still possible, so no matter how many times you fire the gun at Desmond the only reality you will ever experience is one of failure, because all other successful realities are destroyed. There! fore, course correction is just an illusion brought on by your own limited perspective. The struggle with Locke is allowed, because this is a small insignificant detail which does not jeopardise the Black Swan event.

Many worlds can also neatly explain the other examples i mentioned. In Michaels case, maybe there were lots of worlds where he survived the car crash, but had terrible injuries, like a broken back or brain damage, and so would be unable to make the freighter event. These worlds then would instantly collapse to a point, leaving only the realities where Michael survived with little or no injury. So from our perspective, and of course his too, it would appear there is some sort of miraculous force keeping him alive.

Anyway that’s all i got for now. Thanks for reading )

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