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"SEPERATION ANXIETY!" and "Smokey" by Ralph

No matter how many theories I post...It always comes down to JOHN LOCKE.Is he the FOOL? the MARTYR? the SAVIOR? maybe all those things....But just like Charlie,my money is always on Locke.Even in Death...Don't count Locke out(He even got Jack to believe in him..Amazing!).

My Question that I've pondered over is this....

"What do they(the Other Others),need with John Locke's body"?

....I mean....why carry it?....proof?....No,but possible I'm sure..

Let's step back for a sec and look at Mr.Locke....

Born 1956(two years after Adult Locke visited Richard in 1954).

He was born premature at 6 months old(Wow! Amazing he survived!).

Locke is always pissed and bitter about how his life has turned out up until his time on the Island.

His anger effects his relationship in his life before the Island.


Let's take a look how Locke and his time on the Island has mirrored his life and careers...You will find it very creepy and strange.....

First,his Life....

LIFE:His foster sister,Jeannie-fell from the monkey bars and broke her neck(dying).A short time later..A Golden retriever takes up residence in Jeannie's room.Florence(Locke's foster Mom),felt responsible/guilty and eventually died 5yrs. later...the Dog left.

ISLAND:His Island buddy,Boone-fell from(inside)the Nigerian drug plane getting fatal injuries(dying).A short time later..Vincent takes up residence in Boone and Shannon's camp area.Shannon(Boone's step-sister),felt bad for conning Boone all the time and eventually dies weeks later(via gunshot)...Vincent leaves with the other 815'rs.


Locke's jobs....

Toy Store Clerk:Showed a Boone-looking kid(and Instructed) how the game MOUSE TRAP works and then he saw his Mother.

ISLAND:Showed Boone(and Instructed) how his Hatch opening device works(that looks similar to the MOUSE TRAP device) and then he has a vision of his Mother.

UNEMPLOYED:Depressed and defeated due to the loss of his kidney,he cries to Anger management to find the light..Helen.

ISLAND:Depressed and defeated due to the loss of Boone and the inability to open the Hatch,he cries to the Hatch to find a light...Desmond.

Weed Farm:Learned that you can get spiritual answers from using drugs and the Tee-Pee,had to come to terms if he was a "Hunter"

ISLAND:Learned spiritual answers, after taking drugs in the Tee-Pee,had to come to terms with his "Destiny".

House Inspector:Confident and Independent,Locke makes it his job to make sure people have a safe living place.

ISLAND:Confident and Independent,Locke takes it upon himself to make sure his group is lead to "Othersville" to safety and to have shelter to live.

Box Company;Regional Supervisor,Plays "Axis&Allies" with GL12,Is advised by "Randy".

ISLAND:Soon to be Leader of Others,Plays "RISK" with Hurley and Sawyer,Is advised by Ben and Richard.

.....So why do I bring up these facts and comparisons?

...Because Locke,his whole life...has been drawn,called to the Island...Why?

..It goes back to my first question..."What do they need with Locke's body"?

It's because......



He wants his body back.


Here is why I think this....

I think the Smoke Monster is a Magic Trick....

Before all you get bent out of shape,I also believe Smokey is MIB,but it works like this....

MIB is Smokey.

Somehow he was converted or was always smokey.

How his body swapping works is this...

1)Smokey wants to be someone.
2)Needs dead body.
3)Transfers to body,but as a side effect...Swaps his soul into their body(and get the bonus of their memories)..but swaps their soul into his smoke form(but the body has to be dead no more than seven days,if not...useless...but once MIB uses that body...he can always use itYemi is an example of that).

Christian,Yemi around...No smokey.

Reasons why I believe this....

Smokey did not kill Locke the first time,WHY?...cause it was Locke.

Smokey wanted Locke the second time,why?...Locke wanted his body back.

Smokey did not kill Eko the first time,why?....Yemi was Smokey.

Smokey killed Eko the second time,why?....MIB was Smokey.

After Eko died fro Smokey,He was dead and told John..."You're next",How? Smokey "Borrowed" Eko's body for a minute to talk to John.

I think when your mind is in Smokey...you can't verbally talk to anyone(this would make Smokey appear bad).

I think the SMOKE MONSTER is a Mind "Docking Station" and John Locke is trapped in there trying to merge back with his body.One mind in,one mind out at a time....Smoke Monster is not a single being....it's a "Coat"...a "Prison of the mind"

....and MIB don't want to go back to it.

LOCKE is the Hero of the story in my belief.He is the only character that has something in common with each and everyone of the LOST various characters(He even knew his Destiny since a little kid...He even drawn Smokey as a kid...He was just too young to understand).

Well,I hoped everyone enjoyed this.....

Some random thoughts to stir in your head.....

Locke and Ben are Brothers.

Jack is actually crazy.

At the end,Locke will be alive and back in his body and will have his happy ending with,CINDY(His NEW Helen,she actually flirted with Locke in season 3).

Don't kill it to much,Folks!

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