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There is ONLY Desmond....Man out of time by Ralph

What is Desmond's deal? What is his purpose? and most of all...
Why is Desmond Unique?Well.....


...Yep.ONE Desmond in all of the realities,only one.No alt Desmond,No copy or clone.They have given us many hints to this...

...Here's some of wacky hints that make me believe this....

1)He is Scottish.
2)Of all people....Kelvin was his Hatch partner?

Okay?...So?...Why those two hints?

The clues laid out= HIGHLANDER. "There can be only one".

1)Highlanders are mostly Scottish and majority of the movie is set in Scotland.

2)The actor who plays the part of Kelvin(Clancy Brown) is the Kurgan(the Main villain of the movie)in Highlander.

NO....Desmond is not immortal....it's just the catch phrase of the movie that sticks out to me that makes me think this..."There can be only ONE"...I think Desmond is the only Desmond.And when you go to alternate realities....Desmond is there....but exactly the same person.


Alt2-Jack-News Anchor

Alt1-Desmond-Unemployed drinking dude with awesome cardio
Alt2-Desmond-Unemployed drinking dude with awesome cardio
Alt3-Desmond-Unemployed drinking dude with awesome cardio

DESMOND DOES NOT CHANGE! He has the same choice in food,clothes,books....EVERYTHING! All the same.

I also believe that Faraday figured that out somehow.
Desmond of course is different only when viewing him from Past,Present,and Future....that will never change.


Maybe Desmond was never suppose to be born?
Maybe Desmond is UNIQUE due to the fact that he was only born for a specific task the Universe has planned?

...as for the Man outta time part?

I think when the Hatch Imploded and Desmond was so close to GROUND ZERO of the blast,the blast knocked his inner Time Table(just like the Donkey Wheel)of it's Axis.

....What I mean by this is...just maybe...Desmond is here(Flesh&Blood) in front of us,but his brain/time table is several hours ahead in the future(this is the result of the blast,it makes Desmond see the somewhat future).This also explains why Desmond spaces out....he doesn't(it just looks that way)...He is trying to read and process his future thoughts while trying to pay attention to what's going on in front of him(at the present).Kinda like if your talking to someone on the phone and someone comes into the room and tries to talk to you also,your Split between two scenarios...One person split into TWO peoples realities at the same time...the person on the phone and the person in the room...doing two things at once....I believe Desmond does this.

That's all I got for now guys and gals....Heh!Heh!Highlander! Sometimes I don't know how I come up with these crazy theories.

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