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If you haven't read my last theory then I suggest you read it here

this is an addendum to it and a very possible outcome and reason for ALT

I just don't believe Course Correction is king like everyone else does. I think course correction is the universes tool to sort out any paradoxical changes.

I/E in 2004 the incident was the cause that resulted in the button, which having failed to be pushed on Sep. 22nd 2004, crashed 815 bringing the losties to the island, and allowing there to be people who go back in time to 77' to try and change that very outcome. Now since in 77' the losties blew up jughead, which should do just as the failsafe did in 04' and destroy the swan, then a paradox is created, there will be no button to fail to push on SEP 22 2004, so the plane will fly right past the island like it never happened. That is a paradox, because if they never crashed then they never time-traveled, thus making it impossible for them to never have crashed, So the universe has to sort out this problem. The Free will of Jack and Co. has created a potential paradox, so the Slave (Course Correction) has no choice but to create an ALT timeline where 815 never crashes, but preserve the timeline where jughead didn't blow, so as to wire it as the failsafe, and our concrete and i! nitiate the button protocol, so that one day Des can fail to push it bringing down the losties so they can go back in time and create the ALT.

The sad thing is; that contrary to what Jack believes he will not experience this ALT, his younger self will, he will have to go to Jacob and find out how to get his younger Self to come to the island later now that he has prevented the crash of 815, because now he is stuck in the seventies, and his younger self will now be the new puppet of Destiny, he will have to orchestrate getting all the younger versions of all the losties to the island in the new ALT, just as a previous older Jack has done to get him there, yep that is the twist, the loop, the big reveal.

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