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I really cheerleaded for this show, especially against some low brow family members who thought the show was always written on the fly. I completely dissagreed, because nothing so brilliant could just be mashed together with no future plan, but as we get ready to enter the final season, I'm struggling to find where the brilliance in the show actually is.

Here's what I'm talking about.

The pre-island connections between our losties have never truly paid off. Season 2 was spent exploring the lives of the tailies, all but one of whom are dead and none of them ever mattered. There have been numerous instances of false suspence created. "The Other's are coming" remember? But then they didn't. Danielle who herself had said that had a very unemotional reunion with her long sought after daughter, and then Danielle died having left no lasting impact, as though she were a red-shirt. We practically learned nothing important about Dharma during Season 5, when for all appearances they were pushed to the front of the stage. No word on what they were really doing, or when they got there, or why, or even who was in charge. And no word how why Horace was so important either. Wasn't he supposed to have some critical relevance? Didn't see that. And forget about the big mysteries. We're still not a step closer to knowing what the Swan or Orchid energies are all a! bout, what smokey is, what the numbers are for, who the invisible man in the Cabin was, what the nature of the conflict between Ben & Widmore are, or why any of our characters are so immportant.

And that's what I mean.

We have been told for years that are characters are vastly important, and yet even in season 5 we haven't seen an instance of this significance. I suppose Sayid shooting Ben could be viewed as a Destiny moment, but then half the fan base doesn't believe in WHH, which means that moment wasn't destiny at all.

What I need from this show is something to believe. Some constant (no pun intended) to hold on to. The endless questions are starting to get taxing, and I'm really beginning to wonder if there will ever be any answers, because with so much misdirection it's hard to believe any promisses that they will be answered.


What do you think?

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