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A big question from early on is why Ben got cancer when the island had such fantastic healing properties. I posted some material on astral projection mythology last night, and one cause of this phenomenon is said to be surgery. I believe that Ben’s surgery was a way for Ben to project himself off the island “naturally” while undergoing surgery in order to help Jacob without raising MIB’s suspicions by turning the wheel or relinquishing his leadership. The question I have yet to answer is what exactly he accomplished. There just is not enough information, and that could be a gigantic reveal next season.

I think Jacob can use astral projection without electromagnetism and with few if any side effects. Anyone human being has access – though access may be limited to a very small few for other reasons, of course - can use the wheel/electromagnetism to project, with mixed results and side effects. AsLocke was being strangled by Ben he projected himself to the island. MIB expected that to happen, and was hoping the trauma of dying would get Locke/MIB back to the island. Earlier, Locke had turned the wheel with MIB (as Christian) in the chamber with him; that is where MIB “hitched” a ride inside Locke. The loophole involved using an elaborate mix of playing on Ben’s jealousy (though I think Ben has that aforementioned “trick” up his sleeve with the goal of helping Jacob), using the wheel, and building/cultivating Locke’s relationship to the island from childhood to get “New Locke/MIB” back to the island. The new version of Locke should have the potential fo! r a pretty big internal battle, I would think.

Here is some additional information astral projection mythology. When I read this it just looks like these ideas relate easily to LOST:

From Jamie Phelps (An Astral Travel Quirk: Doppelgangers):
“The reason doppelgangers are considered to be a product of astraltravel is because the appearance of a double tends to occur under the same kinds of circumstances that perpetuate astral projection. Sickness, fatigue, and distress can all produce a sort of astral twin that can carry on outside the body.

One very notable difference between the typically projected soul and the doppelganger is that the look-alike is actually a physical entity that one can make close contact with. Many reports pertaining to these spiritual “stunt doubles” describe the person who is seeing their twin reaching out and touching them, and feeling a physical awareness of that touch. Most people are not alert enough to see their own astral bodies during the moment of projection, so another difference between traditional projection and the existence of a doppelganger is that the person whom the shadow twin has imitated can, in fact, see said lookalike.

Also unlike typical astral projection, where only you know where exactly you are, other people can see a doppelganger and may mistake it for the real person. But why would two of the same person need to exist in the same world? It is hypothesized that a person’s doppelganger is one of the halves that make up the entire person, and when a person’s spiritual twin exits the body, it often has set out on a mission of sorts that it feels it must complete perhaps to do something that the person themselves does not want to do or is unable to do.

The opinion of the nature of doppelgangers remains undecided; many speculate that one’s double is evil, and that seeing your spiritual twin is a sign of imminent doom. Others claim doppelgangers are just sort of “there” and are soulless, walking entities. There aren’t any accounts of anyone intentionally projecting their ghostly twin, meaning this type of event is not something that can be performed willingly. The emergence of the doppelganger may simply be a manifestation of a person’s grief, anger, anxiety and depression once their sanity has reached its limit for the aforementioned emotions.”

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