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I was just thinking how even a little bit of pseudo-power goes to people’s heads and it corrupts. How ironic that one of the most puzzling questions of “How did the nature of the smoke monster come to be” has found it’s closest and as far as I’ve seen one of the only answers yet. First I’m going to tell you the thought process that led me to this conclusion and then I’ll tell you what my conclusion is. Yes this really is about lost I’m not just complaining about life but as I said this is the thought pattern that brought me to this conclusion.

I don’t know if any of you have been to the unencylopedia site but if you have you’ll notice a lot of running jokes on there. So I posted one in my last theory and it got deleted by the admin but they left the rest of the theory intact. So I thought to myself, “Wow, I’m glad the internet is not a country b/c if it was there would be no free speech whatsoever.” I started thinking about the nature of the internet how it is basically a society totally concerned with information but what was meant to be free information is pretty much edited by people who have what they think is some tremendous power especially if the internet is very important in their lives. Then I thought (jokingly) well this admin a-hole that everyone loves must be the smoke monster because he sees fit to judge what information is permittable even outside the site’s established rules. Then I made a real association and though okay maybe he really does have something in common with the smoke! monster. The smoke monster “judges” people but he always seems to look for their dirtiest deeds.

So what if the nature of the smoke monster is due to all the negative, evil actions, and memories that he has stored. If you had the power to judge someone and based it totally on their transgressions then you would remember the absolute worst atrocities by all sorts of different people. It is sort of like someone who even though may have strong faith will kill someone in war and although they did it without sinning the guilt of their act still haunts them therefore making not their action but their own guilt their sin. (“God is greater than your conscience”) So it could be that the Smoke Monster’s nature was created out of people’s sins and it now also carries the guilt of those sins. When he judges a new person he may want a feeling of repentance so he can find a way to cast out his own guilt. If we look closely we can see that the smoke monster does not think it does wrong by killing people yet an evil entity cannot be evil if it is blameless and the only t! hing in the world that is unforgivable is refusing to ask for forgiveness thus being subject to judgement yourself, which would be a very fitting end to the character arc of the smoke monster if indeed it does turn out to be a character.

A real life comparison- I myself, usually do not last long on an internet board or chat because I do not recognize the “powers” of the admins. Personally I don’t because of the anonymity of the internet and in real life (a higher plane of existence compared to the internet) such people have no such power and would never behave in such a way. (You can’t place someone on “ignore” in real life if they have decided to fight you) So in the same way we have a character like Jacob who doesn’t really care about the pettiness that goes on between people because he knows there are bigger things at stake such as real principles like faith and free will. A person corrupted by power hates the free will of those with less power because free will has the potential to be the greatest power. I will give an example and please don’t engage in a religious debate this is only an example to show what I mean.

Take two people who are tortured but both possess great wealth. One person’s great wealth is material fortune who when confesses his wealth it is then stripped of him and he is left with nothing. Another person’s wealth is their faith in God but by confessing God they lose nothing and could never be stripped of it and by killing that person it only makes the faith of other believers stronger and weeds out the undecided people like fire purifies grain.

This is what is happening to our main castaway’s and why many will die. They are all being tested by the same fire and in the end we will see, by the fire they endured, what material each was made of.

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