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Hello, i've seen some theories about God Apollo, he as God of Light, as God of Colonization, among other things, but i didn´t found (sorry if there is) something comparing him to Jacob, the most likely representative of light in Lost. This is an attempt to compare the God Apollo to Jacob.

(I never wrote to darkufo before. And forgive my future mistakes, i used "Google translate" to help me write.)

"(...)Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts; and more.(...) Apollo was also seen as a god who could bring ill-health and deadly plague as well as one who had the ability to cure. Amongst the god's custodial charges, Apollo became associated with dominion over colonists (god of colonization), and as the patron defender of herds and flocks.(...) Apollo represents harmony, order, and reason(...)[Holy Wikipedia]".

A twin god was born on an island while it was surrounded by swans. As we know, there are several references to this god in Lost. The most notable are the Apollo candy bars. The names of some hatches, as the Swan, the Flame, the Staff (caduceus), the Arrow, can also be considered. But perhaps the most important is Jacob, the representative of light in series' mythology. But the links between them do not stop here.

Greek god of the "prophecy", in off-islands meetings with the Losties, Jacob seemed forshadowing their lives. "Poetry and Arts", in season finale, Jacob made a tapestry with verses of the Odyssey. The "Music" has a strong presence in Lost, with Jacob, however, we only seen him handing over a guitar case to Hurley. God Apollo is also a god who can make people sick or, otherwise, cure them. "Healing", one of Jacob´s capabilities. As far as our knowledge, Jacob has nothing to do with herds, neither was a shepherd. And according to MIB, Jacob brought new people to the island. Again, another thing that binds him to Apollo.

Black Rock, American Soldiers, Dharma, 815, all arrived as strangers in a place that was unknown to them. In the classical greek world, men left their hometowns and founded their colonies in foreign territories, but no without going first to Delphic Oracle. They sought instructions and protection of the colonists' patron, Apollo.

More on Delphi, the region was known as the center of the world and as a sacred place to goddess Gaia (earth goddess), (in one version of the myth) god Apollo killed the serpent Pythia, one of her children. The god had to be punished, although, later this oracle was devoted to him. There, from one cleft, vapors were emanated causing trance and allowing Apollo to control the priestess mind. A situation similar to that one experienced by Locke in his sweat tent. Back to Jacob, in the center of Apollo's temple at Delphi was a burning flame, the "eternal flame". What reminds me the flame within the statue of Taweret.

Ending, features of the greek god fit very well in the figure of Jacob. Jacob seems to be the protector of the settlers and he sees colonization (with free will) as something quite positive. Advance, development, "progress", perhaps even a solution. But Jacob wants also order and harmony. In an opposing position is MIB, he is against the arrival of new people to the island because: "They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt.".

Hope you could understand what i wrote. Thanks for your attention! =)

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