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Willie the Janitor by SubRosa

I have absolutely no facts to support this theory---just some random thoughts.

Janitors on this show have a long and proud history of being more than they appear. Michael lied about his identity to become a janitor on the Kahana; Ben was an Other undercover in DHARMA, working as a janitor; Jack was a surgeon undercover as a janitor in '70s DHARMA. Roger Linus, a DHARMA janitor, was the father of Island King Ben.

After Ben breaks Sayid out of DHARMA prison, Horace notes that there are three janitors in the Barracks: Roger (abusive father of the future Leader of the Others), Jack (lying time traveling surgeon), and someone named Willie. We never (to my knowledge) see or hear from Willie. Maybe there's a reason for that? Maybe the MIB infiltrated DHARMA in the 70s and was hiding out as a janitor?

Here's what we 'know' so far (though I'm sure these 'facts' will get turned on their head once Season 6 airs): the MIB was free on the Island when the Black Rock came. Sometime between then and 2004, he was imprisoned in a cabin that was built by Horace Goodspeed. If he's tied to Smokey, he has an existence separate from Smokey (he wasn't fully imprisoned)---Smokey attacked before the ash circle around the cabin was disturbed.

If the cabin wasn't built until the 80s-ish, then where was the MIB before his imprisonment? He wasn't with the Others---I don't think Richard would've been so careless with Jacob if he'd been hanging with the MIB for over a century. The Temple is an Other stronghold, so I don't think the MIB was hanging around there 24/7. Maybe when DHARMA came to the Island, he infiltrated them as Willie?

Again, I have absolutely no facts to support this theory---just some idle speculation.

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